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  1. Amazing, the liquid is really highlander. I hope u will do a gingerbread version for the cm7.
  2. the nexus 4 is simply fantastic! no lag at all and really beautiful !!
  3. Finally i got the nexus 4. I still have the liquid and maybe sometime ill return here to see what's happened to liquid! See you soon!
  4. sometimes happens me too, maybe after whe battery is completely down and the phone when starts asks for the time. a dirty solution is to delete all the saved wifi from the settings, then retry to connect.
  5. @any developer or someone that can help. my wifi on cm7 ainillia v2 stopped working, it says connecting but nothing happens, i have a full logcat: log.txt i searched for that issue on google and i found that: https://gist.github.com/1947635 is the same issue that i have. pls help me, i don't want to reflash all!!
  6. the ainillia v2 with ln libsurfaceflinger is good too. try it!
  7. zorginho

    Cu all guys

    per gli italiani: se qualcuno vuole fare o sta facendo un gruppo d'acquisto per comprare il nexus 4 all'estro e bypassare lo stupido e carissimo prezzo imposto da LG in italia io sono interessato, me lo vorrei regalare per Natale to italians: if someone want to do a buying group for nexus 4 to bypass the our stupid and high price for the device, i'm interested.
  8. try with smartassv2 governor, maybe the battery drain is better!
  9. the link works check with another browser or clean the cache
  10. sry for the late, but i don't have too much time! rom + gb theme: http://www.multiupload.nl/CDB6YIAOWE [29/10/2012 23:13] instructions: 1. extract the archive 2. flash "Liquid_CM6.1.1_v3_gnufabio.zip" with malez recovery 3. follow the instruction inside "Gingerbread-Theme-gnufabio" to install gb theme (optional) PS: i advise to clean the phone with the acer bin 4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1_A22F_A, install malez recovery and do all wipes before flash the rom.
  11. when I get home I will check on my drive. @dilijeet on liquidnext's site u can download only old versions of liquidnext not old version of cyanogenmod.
  12. i had it for long tome first of the ln 1.9.2 is really fast, stable and everithing is working, and with everithing i mean everithing (including camcorder and volume mic)
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