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  1. Wow. This has come on leaps and bounds!! You can almost use it as a general ROM for day to day use. Definitely the most advanced ICS ROM for Blade so far, hands down. Good job!
  2. Hi all. I made my san fran Gen 2 ages ago but with a small partition. Long story short, it was okay for CM7 but I cant use CM9 with it so I tried to repartition and I'm now on the FTM screen on my phone but "download_nochecksGen2" won't let me start the process. What on earth do I do to change the partition from here? Please help me ASAP as my phone is literally unusable right now! Thanks!! might even throw in a paypal donation as thank you.. :(
  3. If you actually read my post you'd see I didn't say everyone got better reception, only some. I have no idea why you have phone call issues, I have 3g/h on all day and can call/receive calls perfectly fine.
  4. Getting sick of all these "Gen2 SUX" posts. Gen2 has better signal for some people who were on Gen1. Fact. CM7 will only be on Gen 2 also, but before you moan and say WRYY GEN 2 CM!?! Well, it's because alot of San Frans ship with Gen 2 now and people are upgrading to it aswell as there is no harm in upgrading to it and heck you may even get increased signal - That's why they moved on, Maybe you should too?? Don't like Gen2? I do not see why, Go find something more worthy to moan about. (This isn't aimed at OP but to some people who posted in here.) FYI: I get a better signal even-though i'm from the UK and my internet seem's as fast as it does on my old iPhone now which is a good thing. More than happy that I upgraded and agree with Shadow.
  5. zurpher - that post was a while back, so instead of posting out of spite/getting e-pen0r points, shut up next time. also, I use SS because CM7 is too buggy on Gen2 atm, so SS is my only other alternative really and it's VERY smooth & good atm.
  6. I installed a 128mb version, how do I updrade it to the 136mb one? thank you for reading.
  7. What are you talking about? It isn't a placebo effect. My blade can literaly download almost 3 times faster and I could upload some vids to youtube at a fair enough rate and my emulators all run noticeably faster.
  8. It's compatible with the blade, don't know about CM7 though.
  9. Gen2 FTW! I was using GEN1 & CM7 as they were the best you could get tbh.. until I flashed Gen 2 & SS. so fcking smooth and fast it seems like a different phone.
  10. Wow. I cannot believe how much smoother Gen 2 & SS is compared to CM7. I'm sticking to this for a few Weeks/Months.
  11. My phone keeps booting into Clockwork after install - isthis normal? please tell me quick before I flash SS ;0
  12. Did anyone see the RC3 comment? look's like the next release could be RC3.
  13. Good job Zeppelin - Would be nice if you can put the ROM mirror link in 1st post (http://mirror.teamdouche.net/?device=blade) though. :D
  14. Really? blimey! I was thinking these nightlies are going very great - almost all issues seem to be fixed or close to it - heck it beats all the 2.2 roms as it is :0
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