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  1. Hi, I have a Omnia 7 with a very recent firmware so the published generic codes on the internet don't work to unlock the phone. Phone is currently locked to orange and they want 20 quid to unlock it. I tried a few of the cheap online lockers but they have only come back with generic codes to temporarily unlock the phone which don't work and anyway I want a permanent unlock solution. Anyone know a free or fairly cheap unlock solution for the Omnia 7. Thanks, Al
  2. My Omnia came yesterday and I'm in the process of registering with AppHub but looks like authorisation happens manually and I don't think they do this on the weekend :-(
  3. Many thanks for your detailed reply. I scanned a popular auction site and finally came to the decision to buy a Samsung Omnia 7 i8700. Should be with me tomorrow. Funny how you are just up the road from me in CF. Al
  4. Hi, I've dabbled in a bit of WP7 development in the IDE but I now want to get a decent phone for development but it must have good battery life as it will also be my main phone. I know it's a bit of n00b question but I'm not after one with high mp camera of any other features (though the standard feature set is good) just a good solid reliably phone for developing apps. Cheers, Al
  5. I think the OP was asking if it's _possible_ to put WP7 on the Desire HD given the HTC Touch HD2 can be setup to dual boot WP7 and Android. MS build their own OS, it's not imported from another company. Personally, I develop and test mobile apps as part of my job from time to time. I'd rather be able to dual boot a device than have two different units.
  6. I have a similar question on http://android.modaco.com/content/absolute.../changing-roms/ I think it should be a FAQ. I think a lot of modders are well into putting on different ROMs but for me my phone is a tool so it has to be usable. I'd like to be able to try some of the newer ROMs but I don't want to lose all I have saved. To answers one of your questions you do not need to unlock your phone from the network to put on new ROMs but you will need to do something called Rooting the phone (this allows you full access to the phone). You should read some of the guides out there on loading a new ROM to get an idea of some of the steps involved. There are also some cool videos on youtube.
  7. Hi, I want to try out some new ROMs but I have spent some months configuring my phone to how I want it and loading all the apps and settings I need. Is there something I can do to save and restore all this easily so I can try some ROMs. I am using the Orange San Francisco, have a FLB6 ROM on there at the moment but I've heard Swedish is more reliable for keep a signal lock on far base stations (GSM etc) and gives better battery life and response. I've seen titanium backup but will this work between different ROM versions? Thanks, Al
  8. Hi, Sorry if this is a known topic but I have setup a brand new Orange San Francisco for my wife and unlocked it. She is on the Three network. It was working fine since Thursday but today she phoned me from a landline quite upset that it's now not working - signal strength icon has the cross on it, no network. Apparently she was in town when it stopped working so the guy in the Phones4U shop said 3 ban non 3 handsets from their network. On speaking to three customer services this afternoon they say this is not the case but the SIM may not be compatible with the phone. His explanation said that the problem may not occur right away but could take months or even years to occur. As a systems engineer I find that hard to believe that there is some random code onboard to ban non 3 handsets from 3 network. Sounds like covering the process that they do ban them, but if that was the case in my search of this forum and others I think I would have unearthed it. Please help as I have a wife who will be wanting her Nokia back more every minute that passes ! Cheers, Al
  9. Hmm that google is handy..... Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Menu->Filter->All Find Superuser Permissions and click "Clear data".
  10. Hi, First thanks for an excellent rom and all the hard work. I have a noob question about the SuperUser Permissions app. When I start it I get a standard Sorry! The application SuperUser Permissions (process com.noshufou.android.su) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. I've tried again after a clean boot, also Ti Backup won't complete as there are no root priviledges. I guess most of you need root access so can you confirm it is working for you? Does anyone know of a fix? Running on Orange San Francisco OLED. Thanks, Al
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