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  1. Don't work in 3G whith CM7 in " françe " with SFR
  2. [why a new version ? the awaiting thing for me is talk video. ginger 2.3.4 will made it. cyanogen is too awfull for me. so wait wait and wait....
  3. the free rom at the install is around 100 meg, after that :) there's the a2sd :lol:
  4. Yes i have same things, i'm running under metalounay and kernel oc 1,5 but it's the same. one thing, the 3D maps are awfull :lol: :)
  5. are you sure it's based on Acer_LiquidMetal_1.100.05 and not Acer_LiquidMetal_1.100.00_EMEA­-GEN1_01.02.0
  6. thank's for the long and hard work you made... ;)
  7. hello i just apply the two apk in the zip files update and gps fix and then i'm 1.000.23_EMEA_GEN1 instaed of sfr 1.000.09. And the gps is ok now
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