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  1. hi if you still have the stock rom of dell xcd 28 can you please post it coz the link given is for megaupload and the site is not up.
  2. Hi guys, first of all sorry for posting this request in new thread.. actually i am not able to find the relevant solution (i could say that my searching skills are not so good).... I need to update my os from 2.3 to 4.0 steps tried: first of all ...all posts suggested me to root the phone.... 1. tried to root the phone using DooMLoRD_v4_ROOT-zergRush-busybox-su but it says failed. 2. tried to root the phone using htcsupertoolv3 failed. now i have installed android development kit on the computer and have htc sync latest version installed so i am able to communicate to the device still the problem persists. i tried to use the site htcdev for bootloader and selected the device htc chacha and asia india there it says *HBOOT update required. now my device details are CHACHA PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.04.0000 MICROP-0557 RADIO- may 31 2011,14:19:21 still i went ahead and tried to run the htc bootloader and got the message your ROM version is not the latest version please upgrade to 1.57.720.1 to apply this RUU to be able to unlock your bootloader. on your phone go to menu > settings > about phone > software updates > check now i did try to update but it says no updates available. please advice the next steps to be followed....
  3. i did try with connecting the usb otg cable for tab 8.9 and it did not work ... has any one tried with any other variants ?
  4. can any one guide me out .. I am still facing the same problem .. when i connect the device to computer i do get the message as connecting on samsung kies software later nothing happens .. did try with 2 systems and the same problem is there..
  5. I did install the kies software now my device is not getting connected it just says connecting and freezes later fails to connect ....i did try to connect the device on two different machines and its with same problem ........please help
  6. can you please guide me on the ways of getting the gingerbread for samsung galaxy tab p1000
  7. can you please guide me on the ways of getting the gingerbread for samsung galaxy tab p1000
  8. I got this phone recently and when i did buy.... I thought since it has the front CAM i would be able to make video calls later got to know from HTC that the front CAM is still not integrated with Calling system so cannot make video calls.... next the phone has just 150 MB of space on phone and it usually gets filled up very very soon (even though the apps are installed on to card the cache of the apps takes up the space on phone) for this at least once a week i have to clean the phone memory now as far as the search goes i was not able to locate any custom ROMS for this any help on this ?... Also this phone has some features which makes it bit different from the crowd... when the phone is moved while it is ringing the ring volume reduces (this happens by the gravity sensor which reduces the volume) if it is in pocket the volume would still be high ... when on a call i the phone is flipped and kept on a table the speaker phone activates and when taken back to had the handset mode is activated. i moved from blackberry to this as this is with QWERTY keyboard navigation is very good in it. as other complained i am also fed up with the facebook app want to get rid of it......
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