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  1. Thanks, i have another question about my phone but i will PM you about that. Problem: I was trying some new ROMs for my phone, (vodafone845 aka huawei u8120) then I arrived at a CM7 Beta with bad screen calibration so I decided to search a bit for it and i found touchrecalibrate.apk for the g-tab tablet its an app wich calibrates the screen for you without touching it, after I did this the calibration only was worse so i went back to eclair(100% stable) because i wanted a daily use ROM, but when i did a nandroid backup and i booted up my phone the calibration was still the same so i tried formatting recovery and data and system after I did this I hang my phone to computer and did a compelete software update( from the official huawei site wipes all data system and erases recovery) and nothing happent the calibration is still bad and the calibration tool from the stock ROM i cant use beacuse the calibration is so bad that it says to try again cuz he thinks im am too far away from the point i need to touch. plaing calibration files on sd card and in /data/calibration didnt work either. Do you know a solution for this it would really help me cuz my phone is unusable atm thanks in advance cedric
  2. Go here Here is a Froyo ROM and much more eclair ROMs xda-developers has much more active pulse mini users than here this forum is kinda dead
  3. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=932605 Here is a guide for rooting customs roms and overclocking.
  4. download a task manager and all kill tasks regulary But i suggest go back to store for warrenty the battery is proberbly deffect
  5. Froyo is almost redy i think i a week... alredy got a froyo trheath on xda but it has some minor bugs its cyanogenmod 6 i too made a gingerbread but that one is only booting for the rest its not wokring at all..:D
  6. You are advertising for yourself here???(against the rules???) How we now you have the unlock code and you dont scam us???
  7. No thats not installed in this version... Why do you want that????? For getting this download stock ROM from huawei site extract it and search for autorun.iso mount this one in a viritual drive and you got it:).
  8. If you plug it in pc drag down the notification bar there are the options Push the blue USB icon and wait 15 secs and sd card pops up in computer..!
  9. 1. yes its faster tham mg MOD meaby even more than 2x faster 2. If your phone is unlocked it will stay umlocked of course but this ROM wont unlock a locked phone
  10. I alredy got a froyo ROM but it has some issues! -the wifi is not working well (crashes alot and sleep modus doesnt work) -The calibration is VERYVERY bad(cant be calibrated manually
  11. Flash the zip package like a ROM but without any wipes...!
  12. NOT EVEN 1 REPLY??? if someone uses it plz post feedback or say something
  13. NVM made my own ROM go here:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=932605
  14. reserved for furure Not very much ppl active on modaco isnt it? or is it bad at XDA they like this ROM very much!
  15. Go here for help and extended treath and questions! HERE
  16. Fresh Zodiac Fruit Eclair ROM by Cedric (FZF-ROM)For beta froyo ROM here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=937389 FOR Huawei u81xx + Vodafon 845 + T-mobile Pulse mini Functions -Android 2.1 With Modified 2.6.29 Kernel -Busybox, bash, swap etc. -Installed special Speedmod -rooted -HVGA hacked market + autofocus -A couple of Very nice 3rd party apps (those can be deleted) -OC Kernel From Calt_kaffe (thank you so much):D (from 122-748MHZ STandard is 633Mhz(stable for any phone) To ajust Speed download SetCPU HERE -Solved all wifi problems and edited WPA sublicant for faster searching and connecting. -Compache +LZO -Added DT's A2SD -Stripped kernel for more speed -Fully de-odexed (for more speed and theming) -Placed an empty autorun.iso(frees up 25mb system memory) -JIT enabled -Fantastic battery-mod Framework (see pictures below) -Swap+ext3 support -Flash lite -Wireless thetering -Zipaligned -Internal task manager (open terminal and type su-->a2sd aggressive -Added tun.ko module for OpenVPN users -Many things I forgot:) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beta Froyo ROM:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=937389 Feel free to make suggestions and If you like my works Hit the Thanks HAVE you got FORCE CLOSE issues? Download ROM manager from market and open it and hit fix permissions(this durns 3 mins) If not: Wipe dalvik cache(boot can take a while after this) THANKS: dsixda for the kithcen Kalt_kaffe for OC kernel OUT Kitchen for the battery-mod Dark-Tremor for apps2sd ___________________________ I am not responsible for any damage to your phone Downloads Touch pal Touchpal languages Latim_ime(regular keyboard) HTC_IME Gignerbread Keyboard Quikcpic REQUESTED FILES!!!! -Gingerbread theme -Bluetooth Fix(only flash when having problems with bluetooth file tranfers otherWISE NOT!) -Rintones+agenda -Live wallpapers ROMs -Rls v2.1 -------Other link --- anotherLINK -3.1b(stripped) -4.0 -4.5 --Rls 5.1 -T-mobile Update(flash if you have tmobile mini)(flash if you have tmobile mini) FIRST BOOT CAN TAKE LONG Angry birds tutorial: install angry birds start angry birds - you will see a black screen...... wait till you see a blue bar on the screen(this can take a minute)(if you continue playing and reach the city levels it harder to reconize the blue bar) now turn-off the screen and turn it on aigain. HERE YOU GO! ___________________________________________________ You want your name in the carrier of the status bar??? Ask me if i got time i will make update zip for you. Do you like it? Hit THANKS Like my Work? Buy Me a Beer! _______________________ Internal task manager (open terminal and type su-->a2sd aggressive My dropbox is killed cuz of too much downloads i will upload on mediafire!
  17. try volume up + call(green button) and power:) that 0one you use is boot loader for fast booting
  18. I got an vodafone 845 i would like to know if this ROM works on this phone and if there is any overclock option? ty
  19. can we use this source to make the wifi in froyo rom for huawei u8100?? it usues ar6000 wifi chip too
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