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  1. did u ever unlock it? im getting lte variant, hope its easy to unlock
  2. be aware this phone is sim. locked this version shouldnt be http://www.tesco.com/direct/motorola-moto-g-4g-black/404-7860.prd?skuId=404-7860
  3. how can you tell its SIM locked, im going to be pissed if the phone turns up SIM locked, it doesn't seem to say on the webpage whether the phone is locked or not... http://www.tesco.com/direct/tesco-mobile-motorola-moto-g-4g-black/171-1231.prd?skuId=171-1231&pageLevel=
  4. only £11.82 now! might be worth a try, im confused by this issue though, as im pretty sure i saw someone complaining that their samsung 32gb card wasn't working, im not sure what qualifies the error. Roger, if you have bought one could you tell me if your worked well?
  5. Im sure im not that only person who uses banking apps, i use lloyds. But they have recently introduced a new app which "scans" your mobile to see if it has a rooted or modded rom and then refuses to run , because rooted phones are a security risk. Whats your take on this, is it a risk to use modded roms/root your phone. Personally i love the added control, but wouldn't like to be at risk. Is it a genuine risk, are lloyds being over zealous?
  6. http://www.tesco.com/direct/tesco-mobile-motorola-moto-g-4g-black/171-1231.prd?skuId=171-1231&pageLevel= great offer, not sure why is cheaper than everywhere else! hope its not to do with SD card issues, and they're just getting rid of stock? anyway ordered one myself, looking forward to it
  7. Well the idea I was responding to was that more apps, the way to deal with problem is to get more ram. The problem being that more apps are being run then the system has ram for. And well in this day and age, apps are using more and more RAM, and we're running more and more apps concurrently. things like camera don't need to run in a ram, settings, text messages, i don't know, but they can load when need but to be kept in RAM seems a waste. Unless its whatsapp, facebook, etc where updates are regular, then they need to be active. Anyway, running out of ram or cpu usage im not sure where the bottleneck occurs.
  8. memory management is an important question, and some variant os's handle it better than others.. It is time consuming to manually manage apps, i don't see why lots of apps are left running, unless they are active in some way. Unfortunately the real and costly way to solve this issue is to buy a phone with more RAM. More applications = More resources needed. for me the best OS is infusion B6. pretty solid. I have around 80mb free and anything less than 100mb seems to cause the system stutter on occasion. which can be frustrating. not long until my g3 jiayu arrives, i hope.
  9. this is a great thread/question... this is seems to be the biggest draw back of the g300, 512 ram... perform of the system seems to stutter when less than 100mb ram is available. im guessing ICS is the best for this as ... jelly bean has been recommend for machines running with more than 512mb ram
  10. well ive ordered my g3 and il wait and se what happend. i ordered from aliexpress. tempted to get the newman n2 but it only has 1 gb ram :/. still other good stuf quad core etc uhnmm yeah the g3 was like 88 pounds direct from manufacturer but i dont know if it would ship okay..thats almost half price!
  11. thanks tailaz for this ROM. im on b7, but have data problems in maps and and several other apps. no media messages on whatsapp etc.. weird things, seem to run okay if wifi is used though.. no one else getting this problem?
  12. yeah she got a new one £200 32gb
  13. hi, i saw http://www.aliexpress.com/item/In-stock-Newman-N2-Quad-Core-Smart-Phone-Exynos-4412-1-4GHz-CPU-8GB-ROM-1GB/712877022.html online the retailer said say they have it in stock right now... what's the delivery time on your order. it seems that they use paypal with your order (securer?). I was thinking of using aliexpress but they have mixed reviews.... and no paypal but some kind of escrow service...
  14. been looking at the newman N2 again , have you ordered yours yet kyan31? it doesnt seem to be out yet maybe monday the 17th? anyway it looks chipper and well wondered where abouts you were going to order from, im thinking ali express best seller or uredeal (whos on aliexpress as well).
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