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  1. Installed N72 yesterday and can find no faults at all. Everything appears to be working perfectly the best Rom I've tried and I've tried loads.
  2. Not sure if this has been asked before but I can't find voice dialling on SS 4, does anyone know how to add this?
  3. I don't think I've made myself clear. The app I'm using is the standard voice dial app the came with the installed rom which I believe is the standard Froyo app, I've never heard of Vlingo. As I said in my original post most of the time my voice is reognised fine but while the phone is dialling out unknown is shown on the screen so I am unable to see who the phone is calling, even when it does dial the correct number it does not display this. As for saying the name I said the digitised phone voice says "Michael" not "Michelle" as it should, it is not the saying "mobile" part that I'm concerned about as that is correct, it says the wrong name then dials the correct one. There is no user error at fault the app is doing this.
  4. Hi I have the excellent FLB-Froyo G2(r6) by fibblescan on my SF and it works's great. I'm not sure if this problem relates just to this ROM or all versions of 2.2. When I use bluetooth voice dialling it mostly recognises what I am saying, but when dialling out the phone only displays unknown for both the contact and the number. This isn't always a problem if I can hear the voice when it repeats the name back to me, and it is is the correct contact, but the voice is so quiet that I can't always hear it and need to look at the phone to see who it is dialling. Also the voice sometimes says the wrong contact but dials the correct one, for example I say "Call Michelle" the phone voice says "call Michael mobile" then dials michelle. Does ayone else have the same problem or can anyone help me with it? Thanks
  5. Tried a couple of other roms Japanese Jellyfish and Modaco, this is by far the best. I had to do a few tweaks, contacts not been displayed when called, wifi not connecting and touchpal input but all solutions are in this forum and it is working great. I got the contacts not displaying sorted by clearing the cache and installing the ContactsProvider.apk Thanks Fibblescan
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