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  1. cKen

    [ROM] CyanogenMetal7 1.0 [06/13/2011] UP!

    that's very strange :/ i downloaded again a while ago and flashed then everything went fine...
  2. cKen

    [ROM] CyanogenMetal7 1.0 [06/13/2011] UP!

    did you wipe everything before flashing?
  3. cKen

    [ROM] CyanogenMetal7 1.0 [06/13/2011] UP!

    im very glad to hear from you man! is good to know you're feeling better (; we've been waiting long but you can always take your time :rolleyes:
  4. cKen

    Looking for some Google+ friends

    me need thing called invitation :)
  5. cKen

    [ROM LEAK] - S300 .BIN LEAK

    +1 +1 we cant flash it but maybe devs might be able to get something out of it (:
  6. well battery life is way better after i updated to 1.2.2, during night it drains 1-8% depending if im using airplane mode or not, everything is working perfectly so far, no issues to report on my side :) thanks! B)
  7. everything is going smooth so far! just great B)
  8. cKen

    [ROM] CyanogenMetal7 1.0 [06/13/2011] UP!

    dario said he's ill so we need to wait /:
  9. the lower values you have, more problems you'll have with multi touch /:
  10. cKen

    Chainfire 3d openGL driver

    geez... it works on any phone since (so far) no one has reported that it doesn't work on xda community, so you can try it on both E/MT, and ITS NOT FOR TEGRA DEVICES ONLY, it CAN EMULATE TEGRA CHIPSET DRIVER -___- (at least that's what i understood) as well as qualcomm and powervr ones
  11. best wishes for you! take your time and get well soon :)
  12. idk about the phamtom touches since im not having that issue... but yeah, screen will always show over 75% on bat stats and the rom is draining more battery generally.. all we can do is wait for thepasto who said would make it better on next release (; apart of the battery drain everything works PERFECT! at least for me ^ ^
  13. on liquidnextparts there's an option to enable or disable softkey light when a sms comes in, try disabling it
  14. l why dony u try reflashing 1.2 again? x.x maybe it helps

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