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  1. Missing Icon Notification when Appearance is AeroStyle : Classic Blue and SimpleGloss : With Aerostyle, the "button" is there, because if I "click" in the area the reminder go off. Can this be solved ? - Build : 23153 (Normal)
  2. I'm very happy with this rom, 21686 Normal. Thanks Steff. :lol:
  3. Yes it is true, locked to an network operator, and then unlocked by the old owner. Thanks steff195 :lol:
  4. Im a little newbie in this, and I was a user of a Qtek S-200, with version 6.5, now a new user of a SAMSUMG omnia i900, used with original wm 6.1, but its new to me. in Qtek I had already changed the version 6 to version 6.5, but here it seems to be a little different. This is the memory I have, i'm also using the spbshell, do you think that with this new rom all will be fine for this PDA with these features? The screens its from my Portuguese version. I was thinking in version 21686 Normal. Thanks for your help.

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