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  1. I am considering getting an Android tablet at some point. My primary use for such a tablet would be as an e-reader. At first I was considering Kindle but I´d never gotten around to getting one, and this was before Ipad hype. Now when you look for e-reader/tablets it´s all Ipad Ipad Ipad. I effin hate Apple due bad experience with ipods. I am not going to start flaming apple or anything, let´s just say I´m not getting an Ipad. The positive about it though, at least I think, is the screen size. Seems good for e-reading and it give the option to do other stuff with it also. And I´ve already tried to use my HTC Desire as an e-reader, not exactly a pleasant experience. So I am looking for a tablet with the same screen size as Ipad, but powered by Android. And I found this Android 2.1 Tablet PC http://www.gindart.com/buy/7-google-androi...pad-p-1370.html 7 inch touch screen, wifi Google Android Market, Google Android 2.1, 3D graphics acceleration / Gravity Sensor GAME, ARM 11 high processor, all these attract me. The high light of this Android tablet is 1080P Full HD video playback while Apple ipad can’t do. Should I set my sights on this tablet? or continue looking? Hope you can help. Kind Regards
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