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  1. Tital's CFX2 skate rom appears to have a working camera. Perhaps this will be of use to you
  2. There would be a lot of resources to resize seeing as the screen resolution is 320 x 480 pixels (the screen size in inches is irrelevant) And as mentioned it runs of a completely different chipset. (Again, the clockspeed of 600mhz is irrelevant) There is no advantage of using a desire C rom for those reasons. you may as well port from the HTC One V for it at least uses 800x480 textures. Either way, given the closed source nature of HTC's sense, it would be difficult beyond worth.
  3. You assume that ZTE are the only manufacturers to use a MSM7x2, this is obviously incorrect. Most of the support of that petition has come from the LG optimus one community. I agree that it is unlikely that ZTE would care about this.
  4. It has nothing to do with ZTE. The only reason Armv6 drivers were released for the adreno 200 in ICS was community pressure. It is unlikely that we will obtain OMX codecs the same way , however, it is possible.
  5. Probably wont happen, but it's the only way ICS will ever reach perfection for our little phones. Do sign, it take no time at all! http://www.change.org/petitions/arm-release-openmax-codecs-for-arm-v6#
  6. At least see what he has to offer before you hate.
  7. Very nice but still a bit laggy. Bluetooth is indeed working now.
  8. Is this room smooth? The last time I tried it it was stuttery
  9. Only ever tried titals CFX - never felt the need to change.
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