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  1. 1where can we find the USB configuration? 2 wifi hot (热点设置) no work
  2. Are you sure that ? Anyway we can use the google app(market is the most important) in other pages. the rom is great. the battery is good performance. 谢谢你, rexchun 老弟。
  3. No google market , pls add it into the update.zip.
  4. hope you guys fix the wifi and carmera issue. and add the google aps into it .
  5. hope you guys fix the wifi and carmera issue. and add the google aps into it .
  6. I install the local switch pkg and uninstalled the morelocale2. the problem is fixed. anyway I can input the chinese now.
  7. Hi I have installed a chinese input method. But I cann't switch the input method from the Android keybord to it. how can I solve the problem. In setting ,there are no chinese. I installed a morelocale2 and select the China(china). Can you give me some suggestion? I can use the english but I have to use chinese to send some message to my friends. thank simon
  8. I think I should modify the APN to china local operator. thank you very much again.
  9. hi rickywyatt thank you for your great work. but my mobile cann't use 3G now. Just can use GSM even if I select WCDMA only in the setting. I see your picture that have the 3G icon. I am from china. when I finished the refresh and reboot , there is a SIM network unlock PIN question. I use the calculator (http://www.nextgenserver.com/calculator/) to get the pin and fulfill the number. Do you think this will cause the failure of WCDMA. Anyway thanks for your great work. I can use android market by WIFI. I am happy for this. thanks simon
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