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  1. Solution You have to downgrade from 2.3.3 first, this is by far and the best guide out there http://driphter.com/index.php?topic=3867.0 Not done it yet, you can skip the gold card section if ur HD is not branded, mine isnt Going to do it when I pluck up the courage, looks easy enough
  2. Same situation here with my HD, attempted to temproot a stock HD running 2.3.3 Android, going to apps and attempting to open Visionary achieves nothing, anyone help here ?
  3. Having a bit of fun Kazan Lol, 4 days, 5hrs, 6 mins..................19% remaining Wont make 5 days id say :-)
  4. 4 days, 2 hrs 9 minutes, 22% battery left, decided not to use the phoe and see how long the battery lasted on v9b Very happy with that
  5. Not sure what im doing wrong, flb-froyo-blade-r5a was the last version I could get my contacts installed, was hoping the latest version would sort it out, anyone advise me what to do please Thanks...Charles
  6. Same here, was really looking forward to this, still using release 5 here
  7. Thanks for the information and the advice Qwertzycoatl, doing that now
  8. Very much a novice here, installed R5 recently and very happy with it, installed R6 since but found with Quadrant it was nowhere as quick so reverted back to R5, is this foolish, is r6 a better rom, could I get some advice please
  9. Thanks flibblesan, very happy with this rom, transforms the phone
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