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  1. fattybacon

    Poor In Call sound quality ?

    I've made one call (I hate phones) in a week and wasn't at all impressed either. It was like a lot of noise suppression was being used because it seemed like the other person had gone dead at the other end and then when they spoke it took a millisecond to wake up again so kept missing the start of words etc.
  2. They might be your normal phone shop people or anyone in the 'back room' who have access to, in this case, the Motorola servers.
  3. The motorola servers were down last night, so Simon the eBay guy has taken the auction offline while he catches up with the massive backlog. Paul, have you rooted your Tesco one? I've got the heebie jeebies that the bootloader is unlockable.
  4. fattybacon

    Inspire Home Automation Internet Room Thermostat Review

    Paul, How do you get to your thermostat? The 'mythermostat' link on their homepage gives a 404 http://www.inspirehomeautomation.co.uk/login.php
  5. I've had two digitizers die on me, and I've managed to replace them easily enough, and I'm fairly cack handed.
  6. I just installed XeS0r's simple2ext-v8-jb.zip and now the camera says "SD card is full". Lotsa space available on all partitions now. I rebooted to recovery and tried Fix Permissions to no avail. Anyone else?
  7. What do you mean you are an idiot for trying this with only a 128Mb system partition? How dare you! Oops, sorted now.
  8. I was up and running straight away with cm-10-20121016-KonstaKANG-blade but had the gallery bug and gapps-jb-20121017-KonstaKANG didn't work. So, I replaced it with cm-10-20121017-KonstaKANG-blade and the gapps from before... and it's barely working. :( Anyone else having these problems? Hardware home doesn't do anything, did in Oct 16th. No Gmail or Play. Calendar doesn't sync. Browser doesn't work.
  9. Doooooooooooooooooooooooooh! What a prawn I am. Thanks for wading through the legal mumbo jumbo like that :)
  10. Does paragraph 4 mean I've got to use up my free credit too? I'm not good at legalise. http://play.google.com/intl/en_uk/about/offer-terms.html 4. Redeemed balances that remain unused in your Google Play account will expire on September 30, 2013.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Must be because we are both in Leeds :) I must admit I've got the 'fear' because Huawei have said that ICS will be available in the summer, to me sounds like it'll never happen because they'll have squeezed out a new phone in the meantime and will not be interested in supporting an 'old' phone.
  12. Just been looking at prices for the SFII/Viv and noticed Orange have a mini-sale on and T-mobile have tweaked the price of the black one. SFII £89.99 + £10 top-up Black http://shop.orange.c...orange-in-black SFII £89.99 + £10 top-up White http://shop.orange.c...orange-in-white Vivacity £84.99 + £15 top-up Black http://www.t-mobile....ity-black-payg/ Vivacity £89.99 + £10 top-up White http://www.t-mobile....ity-white-payg/ Usual cashback options are available but success in claims seems sporadic to say the least.
  13. I replaced the digitizer last night and it all went swimmingly. The digitizer cost less than ten uk pounds, which I thought was pretty good. Anyway, after I've done it, the Home/Menu/Back pad has settled a bit lower than before. Any tips to keep it higher than the digitizer?
  14. I had one in the sort of jewellers screwdriver set you get from Aldi.. 15 screwdrivers of terrible quality but the 00 cross head (posidrive) in the box did the job :) This looks a hundred times better than the set I've got. http://www.amazon.co...r/dp/B0001K9PVY And only just over five quid, a good investment I reckon.
  15. I'm tempted, will donate my SF to my better half. Reckon I could use my Phone Fund too? I've got a massive 14 quid :)

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