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  1. I was still using mine - as a phone, not a smart phone, but now the battery has died. I am not sure it is worth spending 7 pounds on a replacement, but I may try the downgrade and SD card unlock, because it would be a great music player (still has the best sound of any phone I have owned). But I now got an older Note II (also frome 2012), and it is shocking how much better the Note is. Better screen, better software, halfway up to date (Android 4.4). Intel could have really made the San Diego great with an Android upgrade to 4.4. Instead they killed their reputation, and then the whole mobile division.
  2. I just got mine out this week, because I needed Android 4.1 or older to test something. So it is still useful. As for Intel, you are spot on, but they got what they deserved. Although Intel CPUs are clearly superior, you can only find them in cheap low end Android tablets. In fact Google just removed support for the latest Intel platform from Android. No doubt the arrogance displayed with the San Diego has been a key factor in how things panned out. I am still surprised how a company like Intel could mess up this amazing opportunity, but at least the failure is well deserved.
  3. It was the 20141019 version. But when I used the latest ROM, the problem went away. It seems the 2011008 was a bit fat...
  4. This package is a great idea, but it does not install for me - I am missing about 200kB of space. Is that normal, or what can I do about it? I am on the 2014-10-08 nightly - I hope that is close to CM11 M11.
  5. Thanks, this is a very nice kernel. I just wonder whether it would be possible to include the CDROM mode option? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2196707 It says this should be part of CM11 since about M10, but it does not work on the G300 nightly according to my test. I would hope that it is as easy as pulling the git change into the branch.
  6. I understand that ads are necessary, but there has to be a limit. I cannot stand ads that get in the way lie play sound mix with content And it seems that modaco had most of those now.
  7. I am shocked to see that the advertising on modaco has gotten even worse than it already was. Now the posts are full of links via intellitxt.com to some "contextual" pages. I have to say that is really disgusting - modifying my posts to make a quick buck. No wonder everybody hear uses an ad blocker, because it is really hard to stand without one. I for one do not agree to this use of my posts, and I will not post any more, and I will remove my recent posts.
  8. I do agree that the Moto G is much better - but it is also a year younger, so I am not sure that is a fair comparison. And even so, the hardware of the San Diego was actually quite good. The speakers are much better than the Moto G or any other phone I have tried, the display is great, and the shape is very elegant (unlike the Moto G). There are a few downsides: reliability, battery life, camera, and software support. In fact I think it is the lack of software support (4.0, seriously?) that pretty much killed the platform and also Intel's ambitions for the mobile market. In this industry you just cannot afford a misstep like this one.
  9. It does not seem that it did. But at least this update did not break anything else for me. I call that a success.
  10. Yes, I turned it off, and now the battery life is again about 10% for one day standby, slightly more during bad reception. I also charged the battery full to reset the battery stats, and turned off WiFi, but I think those are not crucial changes. With the device only or battery saving setting, is the battery life still good? And it seems that with WiFi on, the phone wakes up much more often, what seems like every minute - very much like Android 4.2. Under Android 4.3, it would only wake up every 5 minutes, I think. Is there anything I can do about it, or is it unimportant?
  11. I got my update Wednesday morning. It looks good, but the battery performance is terrible. And it is not just the statistics, the battery is empty after less than 2 days of standby. It may have to do with the location services? I will try a few options.
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