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  1. if u used sdmerge at first ... instal official rom then flash cwm wipe data/wipe cache/wipe dlvk cache then install my rom
  2. its available here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2268377
  3. Each individual has a different perception of a word Some people think havnt different languages​​ in settings & keyboard / havnt tts / dont support rtl / not file manager ... means stock Some people think havnt crt anim / not remove statusbar music ... means stock someone think add & remove some apk files can damaged stock rom means but i dont think so i also dont think the ipmortance is being stock or not i just wanna to have all in one as conceivable (with stock theme) (if dont like,can flash yayakuya patch for theming) anyway...rom will be introduced in 24 hours
  4. yeah.eu launguage is included sdmerge is exist add rtl add tts add crt anim remove music statusbar slimmed as possible as overclocked / tun / swap add file manager replace holo launcher instead of lg launcher stock theme i think its enogh for first release
  5. i am gonna to pruduce myself rom that's based on v10q (slimmed) + sdmerge + something new (i'll give credit to anyone that i use their files & mods) soon as soon
  6. can samo one make volume rocker mod for this rom? or give a tut?
  7. if u want,u can add these to ur new version (fix rtl remove music statusbar widget add crt animation) http://www.mediafire...1lzcfz0fzca04cr also other user that teyer are using rc2 can flash this patch to fixing sdcard problem
  8. u done it its fixed now everything is work
  9. some godd news here i make a patch for this rom fix rtl remove music statusbar widget add crt animation and some change in geraphic
  10. hi again i fixed rtl problem now the only problem is not show my sdcard!!! any idea?
  11. how about to add some mod like... volume rocker mod remove music widget on statusbar crt animation more toogle in status bar ex power menu . . .
  12. yes & that make me so happy waiting for ur great work
  13. rtl : right to left language like arabic & persian letters and words .................. i try this but after flashing patchRrom dosnt boot http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=985504
  14. hi tnx gellmar for great work can u plz fix RTL in new version or make patch for it? tnx in advanced

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