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  1. Google nexus 4. Great community, the latest androids update, Samsung quality and warranty...
  2. if you want an high moddable phone, look at the number of threads here or on xda... that was the way i used for choose my old a1... and my brand new galaxy s2... and if you can't afford it, buy an used one.. with warranty.. on ebay some german seller can do miracles..
  3. root it, and start discovery the beautiful word of superuser superpowers!
  4. I did, I said, I have to prove, what is the problem? Who would you have to prove something? No one interested in your personality problems, and probably the only thing broken is your mind. Grow up, kid.
  5. And another thing, I started this topic only for say goodbye and thank you to everyone here in the forum, but you started with your useless word about values etc. So now the topic is for saying thank you and goodbye to everyone except kaerry.
  6. Ok kid, don't cry, you are very useful and without you the world can't go on... Really...
  7. Yupi, Thanks for support, but don't worry about kaerry , unuseful people says a lot of unuseful things... He/she never started a topic...
  8. I hope you're joking, or I will send you a black bastard macumba and all your electronic devices may be destroyed :ph34r:
  9. Thanks to you for all your great work
  10. No more battery, no more keypad, a lot of auto reboot and instability, even with stock rom.. Probably I played too much with hardware and software.. O:-)
  11. I wish to say thank you to everyone here in the forum because with you I have known everything I know about liquid and android. LONG LIFE TO LIQUID
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