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  1. You can't just add things to the zip. The zip installer seems not to notice if /system is full and truncates files without warning. You need to check free space and not add more than that.
  2. Make your APN backup tool a system app (copy the apk to /system/app) and it should work.
  3. I'm guessing you formatted in Windows. Format it in the phone, if you want an sdext partition, format in recovery. Windows and some tools on Windows will create a bad format that only Windows can reliably use. Trashed a 16Gb partition trying to repartition with Minitool Partition Wizard not so long ago after forgetting that rule...
  4. Paul Shirley

    Predictably, I'm having Orange problems

    You're seriously underestimating how much data YouTube can consume. Just had a quick play here on WiFi and it sucked 400k just loading the start page, then another 7mb playing 30s of a randomly chosen stream, although a lot of that would be preloading video. Even with lower quality and less preloading on 3G, it's very believable you really did use 2mb of data that quickly. My OSF SIM came preset to Dolphin, it wouldn't surprise me if Orange aren't presetting it now and are deliberately trying to drain credit @£4/Mb during the initial login and Android setup. I never setup Android with a SIM in the phone because it can hammer 3G on existing accounts.
  5. Since it's the phone that's locked (not the SIM) and you need to give them the IMEI when you ask for an unlock, so why would that be a problem? The lock code checks fields specific to all Orange SIMs, not the one you bought with it. If the lock is hurting sales, it's only hurting low profit sales via Orange. ZTE might consider that an opportunity to sell you an unlocked phone direct with much more profit for themselves ;) More likely there really aren't as many people box breaking as you think and not many sales to lose. You're on a forum full of atypical users, easy to draw exaggerated conclusions.
  6. Paul Shirley

    Unlocking The Orange Monte Carlo

    You certainly pay much more than a PS3 costs to make. To a retailer, not Sony. Sony's wholesale price is much closer to cost and Sony's own PR claimed they were due to switch into making a profit on the console hardware last year - till Microsoft forced another price war and scuppered that. Sony really do make most of the profit on quite excessive game licence fees. The iPhone price is rather different because you do buy it direct from Apple and they do indeed make a hefty profit on top of their app store 30%. That's Apple for you, highway robbers. Your subsidised phone really is subsidised and it really is a loss leader to get your long term call revenue. They may not be taking a actual loss on Monte Carlo sales but they are forfeiting most or all profit on the hardware sales. And they really don't care if that stops box breakers buying them, because even the most optimistic expected profit margin will be less than a couple of months use of the Orange network. Has you not noticed it's now cheaper to buy one of these phones locally than import cheap China phones? That's how tight the profit margins really are, even cloners in China can't undercut them.
  7. H is 3.5G/3G+ so you're good :) If wiping didn't fix it but an app can edit it, most likely cause is a faulty or incompatible SIM. Similar problems get reported every few weeks on my providers forums. The normal cure is replacing the SIM. While it's working there's no hurry to fix it but there's always a risk it will fail again. It might be worth heading to a shop and asking them to try another TalkMobile SIM in the phone to confirm if its a SIM problem. BTW Testing your SIM in another phone won't conclusively diagnose this problem, these errors don't always affect all phones the same way. If confirmed they may be able to reprovision the SIM over the air or you may need a replacement.
  8. Try the 'Reset to defaults' menu in the APN settings (hit the Menu button...), that might fix it. Otherwise I suspect you didn't wipe fully enough and it's likely to bite you in other ways even if you fix this.
  9. Paul Shirley


    Not so fast. It's their only way without knowing the random#. If Orange don't share that # with ZTE then they really can't compute the code. The really good news is confirmation it's possible to flash a ROM instead... now we need either a leak or some high power reverse engineering. Always easier when you know up front what you're trying to do is actually possible ;)
  10. Paul Shirley

    Source codes

    Here's a clue: the GPL2 does not specify HOW SOON the source must be made available, simply that it is and for how long (3 years) if not supplied with the binaries. If you think you can convince a judge that 3 weeks is too long feel free to waste your money pursuing it. You'll probably be told to try again when it hits 3 months.The rest of us will already be playing.
  11. Paul Shirley

    'New' ZTE devices

    You're just looking at skins for the common sizes developers need to test on. There are no restrictions on the maximum resolution or max/min pixel density and if I remember right you don't have to use those standard resolutions either. Could cause some unfortunate scaling effects if a device used something else though, for apps that let the system handle UI sizing. No need to worry, large screens are catered for.

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