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  1. I'm simply amazed, HOW DOES THIS THING WORK on our old armv6 blade ;p I thought ICS was Blade's swan song, but apparently nope with KonstaTs effort : D You are my god KonstaT, seriously. OT: The new update finally added "remaining download time" feature in notifications when you are downloading sth : )
  2. Maybe, it's like addon to ICS, but of course it would have the same problems with YT and stuff,no OpenMAX.
  3. Offtop: Ekhm, it already does - http://www.slashgear...joice-15202750/ The newest version works with ICS, but i don't think some chinese blade users will port it to ARMv6 one more time. end of offtop. I wait for the rom, hope it's gonna be something cool : >
  4. Me too, i'm a noob and dont have ubuntu and skills to do that :P And i would really love it, like others.
  5. Hello! Have you seen new mod for CM9 ICS lockscreen to look like Optimus4x? Its here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1597928 I just love it, but i can't patch it for the rom, i don't have linux and i don't know a thing about compiling, can someone make a package to flash via CWM for our beloved ColdFusionX? I think not only i would be grateful : D
  6. I'm using ZTE Blade, loving ColdFusionX rom and like pies :)
  7. Hmm, is it avaible only for UK? cause I'm from Poland, and this phone is a good deal : D
  8. @sej - i flashed your 19feb rom, and I don't have an option to change color of MIUI battery bar, and the ring lock still explodes -.-
  9. Is the scrolling problem in browser in your blades as well?
  10. It's AWESOME! Faster than CM7 and LeWa ROM for me. Have Theme Chooser, witch is biig plus : ) But i have one MASSIVE problem - scrolling is bugged for example in launcher pro or browser - flick dont work, so you have to move your finger all the time, screen doesn't go up by itself, it stops -.- If somemone could try to fix this i would be in heaven, but for now i go back to CM7, i ca;nt use rom with that bug, its frustrating :<
  11. Lol, i dont know how, but recently i didnt had to flash gapps anytime i full wiped :P Thanks : D
  12. Guys, I have huge problem now. I was on 257+ and messed sth up with build.prop and sth else, desiced to do a backup of apps and do full wipe and install 257+ again. When i done that, i booted straight to adw homescreen, the "Touch the android screen" didnt show up. And i figured out i CAN'T add a google accout, it jump to Exchange accout. Also i dont have market, TitaniumBackup FC's etc. I formated /system, wiped again and the same thing happened. I have European TFT Gen1->Gen2 TPT. What can I do?! Please help me, i was changing nigtlys many many times and this is the first time this happened. Maybe i must change partition? I have 140 system/319 data. It worked with all nightlys, with 257+ too.
  13. Yesterday i flashed your KANG r257+, and i have a question - how to change MIUI battery color to match my ICS theme? In your previous KANG it was possible to use theme settings or pick a collor, i really love that, but now its just green : (

    Maybe editing sth in framework-res? i can do that, i know how to mod it.

    Please help!

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