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  1. TechnoLover, how can i change default Scheduler? Upd.: Default camera on stock 2.3.6, FC =(
  2. I have same bug, on all FWs, with stock headphones this bug is very rare to happen, but with all non-stock, or even without headphones (connected to AUX in the car) this happens very often
  3. TechnoLover! Thx. There is small mistake^ when changing GPU speed there is popup that it has been updatet :rolleyes: And yes - "set on boot" gives error (both on CPU and GPU)
  4. Doesn`r work for me, fresh install of stock 2.3.6, kernel 1.1a (30.11.2011) 5%, busybox 1.19.3 in xbin, su 3.0.3.
  5. Is there a ToDo-List for the "next release"? =)
  6. Nice, no more distortion) what about headphones? Maybe you need to test smth?
  7. Works like a charm. 1500 quadrant score with 122-1017Mhz ondemand, and 30+ progs installed with Link2SD. Doesn`t work: torch light, fm radio, notifications LED (battery LED work), headphones. there is something with Wi-Fi, sometimes after reboot it doesn`t work, but after several reboots it is strarting to work again.
  8. Tried first version, fourth anl last one (low voltage). on 1-st & 4 i got 100% from battery, on 5-th 91%, tried to clean battery stats from recovery - doesn`t helped
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