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  1. gualm

    Huawei U8500

    New optimized FroYo Beta for Huawei U8500 http://www.huaweidevice.com/tcpsdownload/d...001C278B712.zip
  2. gualm

    Huawei U8500

    This is how I got FroYo running on my U8500. It supports many languages, among those swedish =) Download the FroYo beta firmware from Huaweis homepage: http://www.huaweidevice.com/tcpsdownload/d...oyo%20Beta).zip Unzip. You will se 4 files - find the largest FroYo and unzip this one aswell. Copy the dload folder to the root of your SD card. Turn of phone. Press hang up key + volume up and hit power. The FroYo is being flashed. At the end it will say update failed. Wait a bit and then pull out the battery. Put the battery in again and start the phone. The first start will tak like 5 minutes so WAIT. Now when the phone starts your on FroYo ;-)
  3. How about those roms? Are you still uploading?
  4. Ok! Thanks, I've been looking for this Telenor rom. I goot a little bite unsure since it doesn't say the buildnummer, just dload.rar
  5. Is this the swedish Telenor original firmware rom for the Huawei U8110? How can i find it on huaweidevice.com site? Could you please directlink me and explain how you do to find "hidden" roms on the huawei webpage. Cheers!
  6. gualm

    Huawei U8500

    Put the dload folder on the SD-card. Turn off the phone. Press and hold Volume Up + End Call and start the phone while holding these two buttons. Your phone will be flashed with the new firmware. If this will solve your issues i couldn't tell you. Best of luck!
  7. gualm

    Huawei U8500

    @ McSpoon Hi! First and foremost THANKS! Thanks for linking the U8500 firmewares. I've tried to figure out what you mean when you explain how you find the hidden firewares. Could you please give us an example of how you do?
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