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  1. Many thanks for pointing us to the app. I was getting the orange contacts backup keep poping up. Got rid of that, bit nervous of which others to get rid of anyone got a list? I'm happy with the stock Rom would just like to free it from some orange rubbish since unlocking.
  2. Would be really nice if some one could do a youtube walkthrough from an out the box OMC to unlocked! I'm looking forward to being unlocked but completely lost by the thread on unlocking it!!!
  3. How about another option Worked OK then died This would cover my experience (in my case after 24hours.
  4. £6.95 + 90p postage now Cheeky.... still lost a sale to me
  5. No worry about patronising , glad your trying to help! Yep defo there - just checked. I downloaded on to pc then onto my OMC and the mrs OSF - fine on hers not on mine! Tried uninstalling and back on but just the same Grrr :)
  6. I have the standard rom and installed it but going on iplayer it still asks for adobe flash to be installed. Do i need to be rooted with a different rom? Just to say it works great on mrs bluegas OSF - shes looking smug now :(
  7. Went from working to no signal sat on the table - tried re sitting it on the pad but to no effect. - seems completely dead.
  8. No codes to enter with this one - its a shame as I just put it in and it worked so thought this was a nice simple (if temp) solution. Cant be a*ssed mucking about another month and I can buy the code off Orange.
  9. Well that lasted a long time!!! Looked at my phone and indicated no signal - tried rebooting nothing. Put orange sim in ok - tried in a unlocked phone still nothing "haha" Will wait for a proper unlock I think.
  10. Yes needed to cut a small section out where the chip on the smartsim was, couple of seconds with some scissors. Other than that no need to program it, just slip it and sim card in the slot (i put a small bit of tape on one edge to keep them together being careful not to cover contacts)
  11. APN = Access Point Name Hopefully the same as the SF http://android.modaco.com/topic/318970-access-point-name-apn-settings-for-uk-mobile-network-providers/page__st__3
  12. Glad it worked for You Choppyduck - worth a phonecall isn't it :)
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