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  1. Just wanted to say a big thanks for the above solution. I bought a San Fran for my brother's birthday and could not get it to load ClockworkRecovery Mod until following the above. And no touchscreen problems, either. :mellow:
  2. Subscribed last night and updated to r11 through the Kitchen. Very nice. Got the hang of restoring from Titanium backup and things are all working nicely now. The crashing in the browser was probably caused by the overwrite when I installed beta5. Only thing I dislike, and it's a small thing, in two senses, is the size of the new icons in the status bar. It was be difficult to make out the different network connection types at the new size.
  3. Anyone able to answer my question? Could mods move if this is better asked in a different forum?
  4. Hi people, I've tried to look around the site as best I can, but can't find the relevant thread which might aggregate such questions and answers. I have already established that some updates of your chosen ROM will require and complete wipe and install. I have heard of people referring to "wipe and restore". What is this? I have been backing up the contents of my phone via clockworkmod recovery. Is it possible after wiping to restore the important bits, i.e. apps, the apps data (such as gamesaves and whatnot), contacts, and all system settings? I see a restore option which allows you to choose various settings which are presumably stored on the root of the phone (not SD card). Does one of these options (I think there's one called "data") do what I am describing? What is stored in these various directories? Thanks for any help in advance! I hope there is some easy way to restore such data, as I'm yet to really see the benefit of custom ROMs, especially if it requires this much faff! Thanks again. :lol:
  5. This does sound good. Do they have data services as well? How many MB per month over 3G?
  6. Hi Paul, Just updated to r7, thankyouverymuch! I just wanted to log an error that I've been having. I have had it with Alpha5 and it survives on r7. Basically, my browser constantly quits unexpectedly. Goes to a black screen and back to the homescreen. It's really frustrating. Mine's a TFT Orange handset. It's been when using WiFi, but I *think* it happened yesterday over 3G. Not certain if this is a ROM issue, but would love a fix if it is! Thanks for your hard work. :lol:
  7. Just noticed this response. I had the same problem. You need to put "./" in front in order to execute the command. :lol:
  8. Just posting to say thanks for Alpha 5. Happily installed on top of Alpha 3 and a great improvement on that, particularly the stock lockscreen. ;)
  9. The only thing that's slightly annoying ATM is the ZTE lockscreen. I know Paul has already got versions with the stock lockscreen. If I were going from Alpha 3 as installed earlier today to Alpha 5, say, require a wipe? How do you know what requires a wipe and what can simply be updated? http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...d-chinese-leak/ Annoyingly, it looks like Paul has literally just updated the prebake! Is there a link to good backup and restore tutorial? I think I made a mistake by using MyBackup rather than a Nandroid backup... Also, is it a bad idea to restore apps from a backup that was running on a different version of the kernel?
  10. Hi, I'm sure this has been answered before, but this forum is so big I struggle to find an answer. If a custom ROM you are using is updated by the creator to fix bugs or perhaps upgrade the Android OS, can you download and install these without wiping your phone? I've seen mention of 'update.zip' in a few places – perhaps this is what I'm talking about? I installed one of Paul's custom ROMs today and I would be loathe to go through the experience of wiping my phone a second time! Thanks all, mono.
  11. Well, you need to find the path to your desktop folder/directory. You need to enter each folder name and follow it with a slash. So let's say it's the Windows 7 default, it's as follows: C:\users\username\desktop It's probably best to change to that directory, so use: cd C:\users\username\desktop (*nix user here, so I'm assuming the cd command works on windows.)
  12. Can anyone tell me if this guide will work for a ZTE Blade with the TFT screen/b08 build? Also, what are the potential pitfalls of the actual rooting process?
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