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  1. I noticed the kernel version listed on the device is 2.6.32. Did you back port the missing modules or is the version number incorrect?
  2. Cheers yep that worked, just cant find where to add apn
  3. Well done lads, just flashed. Works very well. Looking forward to working WIFI. Thought I'd try it with a 3g modem, anyone know an easy way to enable USB host mode?
  4. dconde

    Advent Vega kernel source code now available!

    Crk, I didn't have an issue in passing parameters to the kernel at boot time. Using fastboot with the -c parameter worked fine for me. I left instructions on how to access fast boot at http://android.modaco.com/index.php?s=&amp...t&p=1620277
  5. dconde

    Kernel 2.6.36 build for Vega

    To get into fastboot mode you need to remove your boot.img partition which makes the board go into fastboot mode on boot. Put the device into apx mode using the button presses that you use before you flash the firmware. Then using nvflash issue the following command 'nvflash --bl bootloader.bin --go -w'. The device will then wait for an instruction. Use 'nvflash --resume --format_partition 7' to remove the boot partition. Power up the device and you should see it waiting for a fastboot connection. I couldn't get fastboot to connect to the device using windows 7 x64 but it connected fine using OSX or linux.
  6. dconde

    Advent Vega kernel source code now available!

    Hi Crk, I've been trying the same and I'm seeing the same as you, did you get any further on this?
  7. dconde

    Kernel 2.6.36 build for Vega

    I've been using fastboot for flashing images etc
  8. dconde

    Kernel 2.6.36 build for Vega

    Aye, I tried booting the Vega from the kernel built without it yesterday evening but just got a blank screen. It might have been something else that was missing though as it was late when I was trying it. I did manage to get to an adb shell with the Xoom system image, Xoom ramdisk and the original Vega kernel a few days ago but some services wouldn't start, hence the trying to build the new kernel :huh:
  9. dconde

    Kernel 2.6.36 build for Vega

    Yep, Pull in the latest yaffs2 from 'git clone git://www.aleph1.co.uk/yaffs2' and copy it into fs/yaffs2/.
  10. dconde

    Kernel 2.6.36 build for Vega

    I've been trying to build the correct kernel version for honeycomb from the android AOSP repository. I took the config from the Vega kernel that Paul released but I'm failing to build the Ventana parts. I see these are enabled in the config for the Vega. Does anyone know if these are actually needed and if so why if the Vega is based off of Harmony?
  11. dconde

    Xoom Dump Now available

    Has anyone seen a dump of the boot.img around yet?

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