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  1. vermat17

    Firefox OS phones arrive for €69

    You never know... Android was like that at one stage...
  2. vermat17

    Three slash the price of their 'unlimited' One Plan

    Anyone know whether 4G is no extra cost on payg as well?
  3. vermat17

    Touchscreen problems? Apps going crazy!

    I have heard that phones with capacitive touchscreens (i.e. most phones these days) can act odd when charging due to the charger supplying an incorrect voltage/current (not sure which). My OSF's touchscreen used to become completely unresponsive when I charged it with anything other than the supplied charger.
  4. vermat17

    Battery Problems. Urgent!

    I had a similar problem with my OSF. Try charging with a different charger, or charging via USB through a computer, that may fix it.
  5. vermat17

    Samsung introduces the Galaxy S4 Active

    Apparently the volume button doubles as a hard camera key.
  6. Abstinence from what, may I ask?
  7. vermat17

    What devices you have along (eg.tabs)

    Come on guys, we really don't need to have this discussion... Again, lets keep the forum relevant to the phone.
  8. Seriously guys, this is a forum about a mobile device. We don't need to have arguments every time one person's opinion differs from another's. For those who have the device and are still using it, I'm sure they won't appreciate someone trying to make everyone believe its a rubbish phone. That might be one opinion, but others may not think that. Lets just respect that and keep this OSD forum a bit more relevant.
  9. Because you need infrared support on your phone to use it :P
  10. I'm a complete noob when it comes to app making, so I was just wondering whether it's easier to make an iOS app compared to an android one? Companies may just be going for the easier option first if that's the case...
  11. vermat17

    Jelly bean for SD

    The razr i uses an intel atom z2460, according to gsmarena. I think I also read somewhere that it was overclocked to 2GHz...
  12. vermat17

    Motorola RAZR i review

    Do you know whether the lockscreen supports facial recognition or not??
  13. vermat17

    [Q] Flickering screen following Orange ICS update

    This and the fact that Orange's website still says they haven't got any in stock makes me wonder if they're cutting down their production of the OSD...
  14. Thanks for the info guys, that quick links page does seem pretty good lol :P And I think the market widget looks close enough to not need the Motorola one...
  15. Does the razr i launcher install properly on the OSD, and will it perchance have the quick links screen that the razr has?

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