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  1. vukodav

    USB Host mode driver

    I don't know what seems to be the problem. I have only one flash drive, so I can't test kernel and modules more. And my phone ison repair sevice now, it had some hardware problems. When I get it back I'll test more and post results
  2. vukodav

    USB Host mode driver

    I don't understand your question. Can you explain more about your problem?
  3. vukodav

    USB Host mode driver

    thank you. I don't know why your flash drives don't work. Did you loaded kernel modules first?
  4. vukodav

    USB Host mode driver

    USB standard requires 5V and 500mA per port. Iknow Racer charger doesn't have 5V and has 700mA power but it all worked. Phone was charging and USB hub working
  5. vukodav

    USB Host mode driver

    I don't have scheme for this cable. I googled how to make it.
  6. vukodav

    USB Host mode driver

    First, sorry for late answer. I used common 4 port USB hub, and Y type USB cable. Y USB cable I used has two A male and one mini B plug. I plugged one A plug to phone charger (it provides power to phone and hub) and the other in OTG cable, mini B plug is for connecting hub. As for your other question, you can't use Sven's kernel modules. Kernel modules have to be compiled along with kernel with which they are used. I didn't compile modules for USB VGA adapters because I don't have hardware to test them with
  7. vukodav

    USB Host mode driver

    As vamshistunner pointed there are apps on market for controlling phone on PC. There is also a way to add bigger screen to phone over USB, framebuffer devices. But you'll have to wait for that cause I have to buy some usb to vga video adapters and test it first
  8. vukodav

    USB Host mode driver

    Finally I managed to compile working kernel with usb hos mode enabled. Everything works fine now, camera, touchscreen. Kernel is based on deadlink's source code. It has support for HID devices (mouse, keyboard) and mass storage devices (flash memory, usb sticks etc.), ntfs and fat file systems on storage devices. If anyone is interested testing it I'll post it here. Here is manual; - First you'll need USB OTG cable/adapter, you can one make yourself - is how, or you can buy one (google for it, or buy on amazon) - Then you'll need powered usb hub which can provide upstream power to phone - Kernel with host mode enabled - Download attached usb_host_mode.zip. Unpack it and place usb_host_mode_kernel.zip and kernel_modules folder on root of your sdcard - Flash usb_host_mode_kernel.zip with CWM, then reboot phone After you get to desktop, use adb shell or terminal emulator (connect bot, or other) to load modules. In shell type commands in following order: su insmod /mnt/sdcard/kernel_modules/ntfs.ko insmod /mnt/sdcard/kernel_modules/scsi_wait_scan.ko insmod /mnt/sdcard/kernel_modules/usb-storage.ko # ignore any errors when loading As for using mouse and keyboard, just plug them into usb hub is video how basicaly everything should look like If anything goes wrong, don't hesitate to ask me. Cheers :) usb_host_mode.zip
  9. It excellent :). I'm still getting used to it.
  10. For those who can't send files over bluetooth try using Bluetooth File Transfer application. you can download it from market and works like a charm
  11. vukodav

    USB Host mode driver

    no luck with vamshistunner code I don't know how to use git, and I downloaded sources from link on 4pda forum deadlink provided (it's Tom Giordano's sources). I also downloaded sources from his git repository, but after compiling kernel from those, I got stuck in booting loops
  12. vukodav

    USB Host mode driver

    HEllo world :)! I finaly manged to make kernel with USB HOST mode enavled. EVerything works fine except Racer camera, since I used deadlink's old sources and configuration BTw, I'm writing now from my PCkeyboard and using my mose on Racer
  13. Great ROM Racerboy. As for the battery, I have huge drain. After full recharge battery is spent after few hours. And after restarting phone battery status is below 10%
  14. It really sucks. And there is no news when it'll be back online :-(

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