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  1. The links for the ROM and Gapps are working fine for me..
  2. Hi there, I've updated the ROM and Gapps links in the first page..
  3. Are you sure this is true for your phone? Fits in a 160MB System partition
  4. No SD script.. But some users got it working with some script/app which name I don't recall..
  5. jventura

    Micro7 2013-01-30

    Hi killer99, what specifc changes did you made for "faster internet speed" and "decreased battery usage"? If they are significant, I would like to incorporate those changes in Eco CM7 as well.. Thanks, Joao Ventura
  6. Didn't knew someone was around CM11 for the Blade. Job well done, I'll try it when I have the time.. But I wouldn't be waiting for a Eco CM11 if I was you! :) Stability, speed and battery, I recommend first Eco CM7 and then Eco CM9.. I'm with Eco CM7 for the past 6/7 months, and still running smooth and stable. I recommend CM7 for those who just need the phone to work..
  7. Hi there, Effem app does not work in CM7, because the FM radio framework in the source code is different from CM7 to CM9.. The ZTE Blade kernel comes from Android 2.1 or 2.2, I don't remember, so it has nothing to do with CM7/Android 2.3. However, if you want stability and speed, I recommend Eco CM7 or Eco CM9 (if you want a more modern look and feel). I'm with Eco CM7 on my Blade for the past 6/7 months and everything is still running smooth and stable..
  8. Are you sure your phone is a ZTE Blade? Are you using CWM? Which version?
  9. FM Radio (as used in CM9-CM10.1) has to be adapted to work on the Blade. Maybe you have to run some patches to set up those "FM" variables.. KonstaT usually has all the patches in a folder, try to search for them..
  10. Try it again but clean/wipe everything before! If it was a problem with the ROM, everyone would complain, so it is just something which you've done..
  11. This ROM is good, essentially, because it is ICS. JB versions can't be any better than the ones KonstaT and Daemond have done..
  12. Haven't check it lately, but I guess CM9 branch is, essentially, "dead"..
  13. You can change that in Settings. It's the dithering..

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