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  1. Thanks thats what i wanted to know, I had searched but could only find info about peopl saying they had done this but not actually saying what it is for and how it could affeft lifespan, Just the same as on the ps3 or psp. Thanks
  2. Didnt think it was just for jellyfish. Ive seen different roms that use it and at different speeds.
  3. I just changed my rom today to jellyfish rls6 and wondered what the addons were for. Can anybody tell me what it actually is used for and is it beneficial? thanks
  4. What is the benefit of having ext3 on the recovery program. Cheers! )No worries sorted now(
  5. what about the ext3 , i want to change my rom from alpha 3 to jelly fish rls6.
  6. I am looking to update from to recovery_clockwork_2.5.1.3_blade_ext3.img.zip. Is it possible to update the Clockwork recovery through the existing program?? If so, how??
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