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  1. search for arcmedia all one word.
  2. What problems with O2? I unlocked my wife's SF payg to use O2 and everythings good??
  3. And just to make me smile even more and start the day nicely..... The money hit my bank this morning. lol. Guys if you have used Synapz for a HTCC unlock and did not get it. PM me. I will let you have copies of exactly what I sent paypal in the resolution centre that won it for me. The guy is arrogant and thinks he can get away with it. I have lost count of the number of people who have told me they have been ripped off by him, when I put this to him he just ignored it. Don't let him get away with it. I didn't and have my $20 back :P
  4. thanks Eddy. I saw this the other day but already got the phone unlocked through O2. Have d/l to test in the future if anyone I know wants a desire unlocking for free :P
  5. Stitched up by this guy mid Jan. He wouldn't listen and tried to keep the money. I have posted and pm'd Paul but no answer. Obviously money in this for both of them. But not from me. Email recvd from Paypal tonight Subject: Resolution of Your Case: #PP-xxx-xxx-xxxx-xx > Dear xxxxx, > > We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in > your > favour. > > We were able to recover $20.00 USD, and this amount has been credited to > you. Please allow five working days for this adjustment to be posted. > > If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to > recover the balance from the seller. > If the seller's account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed > to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the > seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account > privileges. Rip off bastard who is arrogant and insulting. He talks to you like you're an idiot. Well screw you Synapz. I paid, I didn't get and now I have my money back 'the finger! Thank you Paypal for recognising the guy for the crook he is. Still advertised on here though..unbelievable I don't mind paying for a service I get, I went adfree on here. But HTCC takes the piss and this forum supports him. Interesting note. Please note that selling items on the forum directly is not allowed by the forum rules But I suppose that as he never gave me anything for the $20 the rule doesn't apply.....
  6. Same here. Rock solid and have no issues at all. Have had a number off issues with this (R11) but haven't posted as the questions have already been asked but not answered.
  7. My wife has the SF and she uses mine in the car. Its the HTC C200 as it gives a proper AC charge while in car. Charges in no time even when she's playing games
  8. Been on this from 1.7 to 1.8f. I have had none of the problems mentioned here. I did a full wipe and manually re-entered contacts etc. Ball ache I know but it saved me so much time with problems on this and other roms. The only request was for Wifi N which he has now done. (See his XDA thread post 2) Cheers Baadnewz... the only problem is you have stopped me flashing, until your next update comes out. ;) great work and best rom I have had. LMAO.... just playing and tried car home. Wouldn't let me exit. had to reboot. Not an issue as I have copilot but trust me to keep my mouth shut ;)
  9. Don't know what to say. I flashed the wifes last week and hers works fine. We drove to Warwick at the weekend and even though I was using copilot on my desire she insisted on using navigation on her SF to show me it works. She even used it in town yesterday to get to an interview (walking) I did completely wipe the phone before flashing - everything. But everything works out of the box. Only minor niggle is the boxes in contacts but shes happy with that. Now if I could just get her to stop playing games Dev story...
  10. You may have just solved my problem. I had the same issue, just waiting for my 16gb card to turn up and will try this way. Thanks
  11. Apollo http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/mobile-phones/sa...eview-50000189/ Wildfire http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/mobile-phones/ht...eview-49305967/ San Francisco http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/mobile-phones/or...eview-50001481/ Read around. Don't be put off by the review the san francisco gets, its all down to the orange bloatware installed. My wife has one and we rooted upgraded to 2.2 and its brill. The screen on the SF is way better IMHO. But read around (especially on here for others experiences) then go to a few phone stores and have a play. On the games side be aware that none of these are flash compatible so if that is an issue you may have to strettccccccchh the budget :lol:
  12. Nope and apologies for unintentionally misleading. I woke up on Sunday to a £15 hit on my payg. The link I had been sent for the O2 site was directly to the request form. Had I seen the previous pages I would have seen that it costs £15 to unlock with o2 on PAYG. The upside is you aren't taking any chances that you will get ripped off. o2 will unlock payg but for a price. The do contract for free but only after a certain time period dependant on your contract.
  13. Found this. It is very old but shows that they used to do this !! http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=90598 Something to do with roaming charges if you weren't locked to them.
  14. I know this may sound obvious but do you have another 3 sim you can try? Also it would seem odd for Three to do this, after all it is an income stream for them. you could always unlock the phone and use another sim, then perhaps try porting the number over?
  15. Package arrived from Hong Kong this morning, ordered Sunday...thats faster than a lot of english ebayers lol. great service and the wife loves it, better than the Heath Robinson effort I made from a case I picked up. It is the Nillkin case, (comes in the full packaging) He has them in stock, comes with free screen protector £3.50 for case and £3.00 for postage - £6.50 in total http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Orange-San-Francisco...8#ht_1667wt_932 It's odd that it is cheaper to buy and ship from China than elsewhere in UK lol
  16. had this on the wide's blade for a couple of days now and no problems at all. Disconnects automatically when she leaves the house and connects as soon as she walks back in - perfect
  17. Is anyone able to get romgripper working with this? Both the standard and the ++ versions install and download roms but when you press the play button nothing happens. I have rebooted and cleared cache - no joy?
  18. Did R10 all good then just put R11 on. I did wipe between. So far everything appears to work. Thanks paul. Now the wife's happy I'll start playing with my Desire again
  19. Just gone to Add free...love this site ;) Paul, I have FLB Froyo R6, can I go straight to this? (R10) with clockworkmod or do I need to do anything first
  20. He has just emailed me asking for the log. I have sent him the screen capture. Lets wait and see
  21. I can't remember which thread it was on here (I've been reading so much) but after getting stung by HTCCODE last night I saw a thread that said if you use this form and email to O2 they will unlock it.. So I did without much hope. Just received this email just over 12 hours later. It unlocked it straight away!!! Hi Rob, Thank you for your request. The code you require is as follows:- xxxxxxx Unlatching an XDA/HTC Insert another network sim card, This should ask for a code, Key in the unlatching code provided, The device should now be unlatched Kind Regards So to ever it was that posted it.. Thank you
  22. Thanks for that. I have pm'd him and started a thread about it asking for the refund. He has till midnight to sort it. Thanks for the heads up.
  23. I find it strange that a retailer would sell a product but deliberately limit the feature set of a product that could sell by the bucket load. After my wife said she wanted an android phone we decided on the blade purely on a reasonably price for an android phone. The first thing she noticed was that my desire could play radio without headphones and that facebook auto synched with my contacts, both features she wanted. Lo and behold using the 2.2 update from here and her phone does everything mine does. So for £99 she has an android 2.2 phone that does it all, hell we even used the FREE online unlocker to unlock it. Some deal lol P.S. Anyone want to buy an unused Orange sim with £20 on it?
  24. I'll wait to see what the admin from this site says...but thanks for the positive encouragement lol :) Plus I have screenshots - with IMEI, email addy etc. Plus paypal detail..PLus I will make it a mission to post this on my website and every Android forum and website out there out there if that turns out to be the case. But hoping it won't come to that.
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