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  1. phlum

    [Q] Specific battery meter widget

    bump If it helps, I want something that looks exactly like the Rads bar in that screenshot, but the numbers should be 50 and 100 instead of 500 and 1,000. I'd like the arrow to slowly move left as my battery life goes down. Fairly self-explanatory, I suppose...
  2. Hello I'm looking for a very specific widget - a battery meter that could be customised to look something like this: You can probably tell from this screenshot alone what I'm doing with my phone ;) Anybody know of anything I can use? (or make if I have to, seeing as that's what Fallout's all about!) Cheers
  3. This is the best ROM I've used yet for the Blade...and I've gone through plenty ;) One fairly major issue I'm having, though, is the fact that Play Store doesn't work at all. If I try and open it, it FCs...any ideas?
  4. phlum

    O2 UK offering free wi-fi, even for non-O2 customers

    There are two in Huddersfield; one in Kingsgate, which isn't somewhere you want to be whipping a tablet out; and Maccy D's, which isn't somewhere you want to be, full stop. Ah well, perhaps I can loiter outside or something.
  5. phlum

    Acer Gallant Duo Review

    Certainly getting hold of one of these when I have the money. Then I can fiddle with my Blade without risking being without a phone :D
  6. That sounds like a hardware problem. I've just spotted a possible fix here. http://www.modaco.com/index.php
  7. I believe 7.2.0 is an unstable release - unless I'm behind... Try installing 7.1, see if that helps.
  8. phlum

    Huawei Ascend G500 Pro / U8836D

    Just to be sure - do you have Superuser or SuperSU installed
  9. phlum

    huaweii 8800

    What are you using that doesn't give you the option to delete? Try doing it from your phone with a file manager like ASTRO or Root Explorer. (A bit of advice: Root Explorer is pretty much a must-buy if you're going to be on this site a lot ;))
  10. Internal SD card is another form of internal storage, as I understand it. You're right in thinking that you have to move the apps off your SD first. I don't think anything critical is stored on the SD other than backups and stuff you've put on there yourself. :)
  11. phlum

    BBC iPlayer on the N7?

    BBC have released the BBC Media Player app, which saves time trying to get Flash working specifically for iPlayer >_>
  12. phlum

    Nexus 7 case review roundup

    I got this case on the cheap: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Function-Standby-feature-Android-Jellybean/dp/B008GSMRAY It's not bad, considering the price. Personally I dislike cases because they add a load of bulk to the device, but it's good for protecting my tablet. Plus, you get a nice stylus with it ^_^
  13. Hello I've downloaded the deodexed N7 ROM from here: http://wildestpixel.co.uk/page1/index.html I want to know if I should wipe anything using CWM before flashing it. I'd rather not do a full wipe if I can help it ;) Cheers

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