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  1. Try to 1- activate airplane mode 2- desactivate airplane mode 3- reboot this works for me :)
  2. did you use airplane mode ? re-activate data then reboot :) that tweak fix my mms issues :)
  3. i prefer clicking than swyping :) CM10 is VERY smooth, camera is working well ( even barcode scanner of airdroid ! ) I love Jelly Bean :D thanks :)
  4. can you add the new Mucis player of MIUI V4 :) thanks i wait for this update :)
  5. does this tool work well with this roms : http://android.modac...-beta-2-280412/ http://android.modac...ll-dolby-audio/ http://android.modac...match-v09-beta/ Thanks you :)
  6. it's not a problem , I prefer quality rather than quantity :) take your time :)
  7. MIUIFusionX is as Smooth as ColdFusionX ? thanks you :) And Cm9 enhancement works like a charm :D
  8. very good job ! smooth ! i have only some issues already reported : gallery, camera. congratulation dude :)
  9. the last version have the CPU overclocked and AXI bus or it is a feature ? :)
  10. I have dead space running on this ROM and it's amazing and smooth. :) Anyone have tried this on CM7 ? : And itf it works Is it possible to add this tweak in the next release ? :D
  11. I have some issues with browser, i have to wait 1-2 minutes before seeing the website whereas the website is already loaded ! library issue ?
  12. Please work on stability, i still having many FC's and reboot =/ ( full wipe and 220 mb for the system). But smooth on the home and menu :D Themes will be the icing on the cake :) by the way, this could help http://www.theandroidsoul.com/miui-4-for-galaxy-ace-makes-the-ace-the-first-mdpi-device-to-get-icss-miui/ (armv6 and some themes works
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