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  1. Sure did...£13 first time ever to be charged like this. Didn't really mind though as it was a present for my wife and its one hell of a phone for the money.
  2. Tested the GPS a few times indoors and out. Pretty much instant lock and accurate as well. Bought mine fom Eternal Team at Aliexpress and it arrived after 13 days via DHL. Bought it for the wife and she loves it. Had to flash a custom rom (aosp)though as the phone suffered crashes when trying to use settings but now the phone is rock solid Yes i would buy another for myself . .
  3. Tried that one ..... Could be a corrupt zip i suppose.
  4. ET have given me yet another link for firmware. http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o6G1obo I dont think i will be using it though as the aosp rom i flashed seems rock steady so far but im grabbing it now regardless. It is downloading quicker on IE than Chrome. Waiting for correct password.
  5. Strange...it works fine here. Could try a standalone app i suppose ?
  6. Whoops..... sausage fingers strike again.
  7. Good old fashioned cwm. I flashed the English version from here...http://www.needrom.com/mobile/english-recovery-coolpad-f1-8297w/
  8. If you use a download accelerator that would speed things up. I dont use one but i have before and it helped.
  9. Sure did... i tried pretty much all the settings and not a single crash. Comes with nova pre installed but that can be changed ,i use it on my own phone anyway. The settings crashes are obviously built into the firmware. I never tried the rom that ET sent me as i now dont need it. The AOSP rom i installed works fine so i am gonna stick with that. Sorry if i didnt make that clear.
  10. I decided not to flash the ET rom as i wanted to try this first... http://www.needrom.com/mobile/coolpad-f1-8297w-aosp/#comment-59547 So far so good. I done a dirty flash,no wipes...naughty i know but what the hell,i figured i was gonna have to restore my backup anyway but the flash wiped the system anyway so its up to personal choice i suppose. Kept root and english recovery and everything is working perfectly. I just spent an hour setting it up and all is sweet. The problem is obviously in the cool looking skin that the phone had pre installed. The ET rom is downloading quicker this morning using Chrome although last night it took 50 minutes with IE.
  11. I cant find the coollife version number. ET finally sent me the password. it is "ET" That must be the only thing i didnt try. The downloaded rar includes a recovery image...i guess its ok to replace that one with my english version cwm ? The instructions say to copy downloaded files to phone...surely that should read sd card ? Ah well......time to backup then try it out.
  12. Eternal team sent me this link for a different firmware to stop the crashes,only problem is that the rar will not extract without the password which i do not have although i have requested it from ET. http://bbs.etbuying.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4013 Chinese is not my strong point and google is not able to translate properly. Any takers ???
  13. Thats the stuff from the needrom site. I am a bit puzz;ed over which one to go for .
  14. Still crashing when selecting display settings. Raised dispute with eternal team and waiting for dispute to be resolved. I am not after the partial refund that they are offering,just a link to a stock rom will do. The phone is rooted so a stock rom can just be flashed over and hopefully any niggles will be history. I assume that a vanilla rom must exist for this phone ?
  15. More than happy with the coolpad f1 i just got for the missus. Feels like a well made serious piece of kit. If i didn't have my moto g i would get one for myself. Now i am looking for a phone as a pressie for my son who is suffering with his still stock g300. Hopefully 5 inch screen for a max of about £90 Any suggestions ? I would prefer to use aliexpress as i have used them a few times now and am happy to use them again.
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