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  1. Hi Anybody know the Battery voltage for the little cell soldered onto the C550 board. I am looking to replace this as a last resort to my C550 playing up and going dead for no apparant reason. Also can half my main battery go dead as its showing fully charged but notice it has four pins on the battery is it dual voltage..When it goes down to two bars on the phone it then has a tendency to crash and not restart unless the phone is plugged to a mains charger for a while.. Dave
  2. Damm :rolleyes: :( :) Its crashed again won't switch on again, the odd flash on the red LED then tries to start, Is the backup battery causing this problem ?. Can it be replaced ? Going to have to catch it again and try to get it to reboot.. It appears to charge the battery even though its got no led's showing Dave
  3. Just an update.. The phone started to boot the orange start up screen days later after being left the turn itself off and then nothing for at least 20 mins, then the same, orange start up screen then nothing, kept trying to to a hard reset but could never get it to activate. Left a few days with battery out then tried a hard reset . This time it caught the press zero to continue screen which i did it then went blank and stayed like that for a few minutes doing nothing like a normal reboot.. Finally it said no sim press to continue which i did and it just hung on no sim screen. Getting desperate i did it again with a sim in from a hard reset. This time i got past the valid sim screen and it then said Cold reboot phone restarting which it did.. ( heart Pumping madly) and wahoo :rolleyes: :( :) its back to normal.. What happened, corrupt firmware ? who know's. Just one thing when i take battery out it loses date and time is this normal or has the onboard battery died. Don't seem to remember it doing this. Dave
  4. Hi The friends battery was from a c600 fully charged, still would not switch on.. Its now on the ac charger but no lights nothing, looks like a dead one Dave
  5. Hi I seem to have a dead C550. Left it chargin on a usb quite happy. Next day dead phone, no charge light wont switch on. Tried friends battery still no joy...Please help is it the bin for it ? Dave
  6. Hi Have just returned to SPV smart phones after having a year off and trying to live with a nokia 6680, but could not get on with the thing so it had to go. (ebayed). Took advantage of orange's fantastic trade in deal on a spv c550 pay and go and feel its a worthy succsessor to the c500 i had before the nokia. Unlocked it, GPRS settings no problem, but got a Problem with O2 MMS setting. sporadic sending, then it does'nt remove the message from my outbox and keeps trying to send even when its gone. Then just fails sometime. What i need is a walkthrough on MMS setting only as there is 2 places to set for MMS. Tried a seach for settings and found a load of options but seem to be failing to get it right on the 550. Anybody Help Dave UK
  7. Hi Anybody any idea why my spv C500 has stopped charging off usb and mains charger, is it repairable or a bin job. It is totally flat and is dead no light appears to say its charging.. Dave
  8. Hi Just unlocked my xda 11i and want to resume my orange contract from my spvc500 and use both phones on the same sim. Problem cannot find any GPRS etc settings that work on my xda, followed loads to the letter mainly xda2 but to no avail, my spvc500 settings nearly work connect once then disconnect and never connect again,,, any help anybody.. Dave
  9. :lol: :D ;) Well after many hours of trying i'am admitting defeat. There has got to be a fault with the phones or active sync's software. There are far to many posts on the subject for there not to be. All posts just seem to repeat themselves, closest i came was when the phone said connecting but just hung and had to reboot after battery out. One possible bug is when the phones trying to connect and you go to menu and advanced pc settings it locks up good and proper. Forgetting active sync aside is there a way to just transfer files as even this basic option does not work with my smart technologies usb bluetooth dongle. And no ia explorer does not do it to my pc but does to my mates pda... Keep on trying will check up every now and then for a breakthrough. :twisted: :twisted: Dave uk
  10. Hi Searched frantically for a solution to connecting my C500 to active sync by bluetooth. I know the problem but not the answer, so how do you change the bloody com port setting on Win xp as my bluetooth adapter keeps setting itself at com port 10. No xp2 update as my laptop crashes if i try to instal that and sync needs coms 1/3 and wont let me change. My cheap and cheerful Nokia 7600 banged itself on first time with tons mores services than my SPVC500, anybody idea's. Dave
  11. Hi Yep, C500 2 weeks old and up until a complete drain recently it was ok stayed charged for 4 + days. Now down to 2 bars after twenty four hours. Going to do some trials with apps on/ off. What the best charge method ? little top ups or flatten it and charge it ?? Dave
  12. Hi I have installed the trial version and it needs an activation name and email address, then it fails to activate any ideas as to activate product for trial have tried to contact hem but no reply. Dave
  13. HI Since the update caller id won't assign photos , giffs etc. Whats happened as it used to work before update. Dave
  14. As we all know in the UK a big fine is on the way for using your SPV while driving . Well here's a cheap way round the problem. 1. Buy a car cassette adaptor with lead off ebay for a few quid the ones that you plug into portable cd/mp3 players. 2. Get your self a £1 RS products headphone adaptor 2.5 to 3.5mm (i think ?) 3. Plug them together start media player and hey presto you have a cracking mp3 player through your car stereo and with a 256MB card gives you loads of tracks/albums in wma format. 4. When you get a incoming phone call because its in headset mode it auto answers and cuts media player, now the persons voice is loud and clear through the stereo and you just have to talk towards the Spv and thats it, when the call is over just press start when it returns to media player and your musics on again. If you dont want music on plug it all together and set the volume on your stereo and leave till you get a call 5. Here's a few tips for better performance. Get a dinky magnetic holder (again off ebay £1.25 i got one for)so you can mount the SPV in front of you on the dash, in reach and so you can still look where you are going. also mount it on the right side of the steering wheel as this cut down a bit of interferance noise through the stereo. Lastly this tip might not work for all but did for me, the cassette adaptor was noisey between tracks beacause of the gears inside, so i took mine apart and removed the drive gears and just left the bits that go round in the middle, now its quite as a mouse and works perfectly. All for about £8. Cheap handsfreeing.... Dave
  15. i am getting sick of forgetting to put keylock on and the phone ringing someone when the call button gets pressed and all my credit going down the drain. Has anyone any teaks as to stop this i.e call history not saving anything as i think it rings the last number used on the list when the call key is pressed twice. Or auto keylock, anything !!!! Dave :?:
  16. Having purchased my unlocked spv off ebay i set about configing it for an O2 genie sim card. Bit of a nightmare but with your wonderful help i seem to have got wap sorted out. Then did a broadband pass through connection on my pc and put in a few web sites i new and they came up on the screen a pretty much as my pc so saved to favourites. Disconected and the tried wap by phone again connected everything ok then tried the web sites and to my surprise i was back on full colour internet a bit slow but all there and no connection charges as the dial up is free on this old sim card. Question 1 . is this GPRS if not what is classed as 2. if not GPRS whats the differance and can i get it on my phone. still amazed at this phones performance Dave
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