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  1. mine works fine, but the proximity test has fail next to it
  2. DrEzkimo

    [POLL] CAE 1.1

    crt animation :D
  3. yeah wouldnt surprise me with the vendors wanting tighter controls. not a biggie though as you can always download the apk elsewhere. saying that, i wonder if scrabble and other apps will still update in installed under old market
  4. is there a market enabler for the new market?
  5. ah I found it :) just that it makes the battery icon go back to standard :o very odd!
  6. hehe, Im asking this a lot :) is there a crt animation that works with this theme?
  7. is there any chance of the CRT animation being added to this as thats the only thing I would miss from this cool theme :)
  8. im on gsf 21, is there anyway to have a circle battery mod and the crt animation? I can currently either have one or the other :)
  9. using link from the original post and one in other forum, no working flash on my phone. which is a wbaw b19 i think
  10. odd neither are working here. installs but whatsismyflash says nope
  11. DrEzkimo

    Battery Recalibration ProTip

    yes this wont fix any issues with things like apps with partial wake lock or general high use.

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