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  1. How? If you ask something and meanwhile you found a solution please share it, it's common sense.
  2. Probably it is a ZTE Libra (Sapo A5) like mine, impossible as far as I know.
  3. Zeelog any chance in providing a TPT for Gen2 (Stock)? Something like 185 MB System ... http://www.amphoras.co.uk/downloads/blade-tpts The only one provided in here that goes over 180 is the stock one wich has 37,5MB wasted in cache. All the rest are incompatible with stock Gen2 phones and the G2 to G1 is incompatible with stock gen2 too. I really want to test your ROM but my current 160 System prevents it as you know. Another alternative is to tell me what can be removed to trim it down to 160 (with gapps). Thank you for your time.
  4. You probably changed your partition layout, right? because the stock is 220MB, you probably used a GEN3 layout it's a common mistake.
  5. PBP my tablet has been turned on for 11days and still has 41% of battery (on airplane mode). Great job!
  6. I know,never had problems with it. The only precaution I take is to hard format the sd card from time to time.
  7. jventura I'm currently having some troubles in WIFI, I have to turn it off and on to get it to connect again fast.
  8. Why does the screen looks like a low bit image? It is really odd. Meu, porque é que o ecra parece que é feito por imagens de 16bit? notas muito a mudança de cores nos efeitos é estranho.
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