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  1. Glad to see you're bringing back this rom! I had the Monte Carlo Stir Fry in my blade a while back, for a long period. It was great: great WiFi sleep policy, smooth, good battery saving and above all excellent sound thanks to Dolby sound (louder, more fun and more engaging). I have installed your version this afternoon and so far, so good. Dolby works as it should and I can turn it on/off via the stock music player; I don't use bluetooth at all, so no problems here ;). Not a fan of Timescape (and it seemed sluggish), didn't keep it for long though, installed GO launcher. Anyway I'll post any feedback I feel is pertinent. Thanks for the effort! BTW didn't you get rid of your blade? - I thought I had read it somewhere in the forums
  2. Can confirm that camera works fine with burstlam's kernel. Also the horizontal keyboard is fine as well, as pretty much everything with the rom so far. Thank you. PS: Installed patch1.
  3. Hello there! Sapo A5 (ZTE Libra) user here, installed this ROM and stock kernel and removed power notification. Full wipe + dalvik. - Camera does not work; - Touch screen does not respond after lock screen. PS: would love Dolby Sound integration in future iterations.
  4. Just popped in to say thank you very much to kalt-kaffe for this great ROM which i have been rocking on my phone. I have a recently converted to GEN2 OLED model. I have installed the softbank kernel, haven't experienced any issues and, in my experience, angry birds has become much smoother. (even w/o overclocking, which is not supported - had it at 652mhz max on demand)
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