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  1. Thanks for that suggestion. I wanted to flash via Fastboot but got an error: realised my I'm not using engineered HBoot (Or engineered something) And just when I wanna use adb to flash HBoot. the phone cannot be detected by Windows.. Weird considered i've root n S-Off and should be able to get adb in the first place!~ Stuck right now.. but not doing anything yet as I'm really busy this week.
  2. Thx for the reply.. I tried reflashing (i forgot did i do a wipe), no avail. I also realised i can't see my mac address "unavailable" (settings > about phone > status) My Bluetooth was also "unavailable" until i turned bluetooth on. Btw, my phone is a Desire Z (south east asia), Not a Vision/G2. I had to install a different keyboard map. Would this (not G2/Vision) Be an issue?
  3. Hi Guys, Jumping here from Cyanogenmod. Using a SEA Desisire Z GSM. Was using cyanogen mod giving me issues where the home n search buttons stop working after reboot. Flashed to MoDaCo (NO SENSE: 16/Nov r1) and is very happy with it. but the issue is that i can't use wifi... :D All it says is "error" when i tap on it to turn it on. Could any one here help me out on this? I've used the online kitchen and also unchecked "WiFi Status Indicator"
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