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  1. Hi, Anyone else having trouble downloading any of the unlock .zip files from first post? vivacity files in particular I require.. Regards
  2. Hi How did you update to the generic stock ROM? Regards
  3. Hi DC unlocker detects this as U8150 but I get model not supported for unlock? Orange Branded model (Barcelona) Any ideas?
  4. Hi all, UK 3 Racer. I flashed with chuns x850 2.2 final but got all sorts of 'force close' messages so decided to flash back to stock '3UK' ROM. However, on rebooting it's now stuck on Green android screen. Can't access recovery as vol + and power does nothing. Tried to flash image using windows command prompt and although the commands work it still wont boot into recovery. Any help guys? Regards
  5. Thanks, Ricky Wyatt ROM has solved this issue.
  6. Got this ROM working on '3' UK ZTE Racer. However, cannot download anything from Market. Any app just hangs on 'starting download'. Tried all the 'fixes' suggested on various forums. Anyone have the same problem or a fix? Rgds
  7. Magnificent work. I had 3 handsets all with non responsive touchscreens when flashed with anything other than original Orange UK B10 build ROM. Well done - one very happy member.
  8. I think so - mut be a hardware issue. I've seen a couple of posts regarding loose SIM compartment or contacts on this particular phone, but to the naked eye the pins look fine and the SIM isn't loose. Thanks anyway, much appreciated.
  9. Hi, Which ROM do you suggest? I've tried two 2.1 ROMS as mentioned in the previous post. Orange SIM brings up 'no service' and non Orange SIM also brings up 'no service' without even asking for unlock code. I have the unlock code that isn't a problem - the problem is no network service on the phone whatsoever even on Orange. Regards
  10. New phone but purchased instore from Argos, no unbarring required. Called Orange to double check who confirm the handset isn't barred. Tried downgrading to 2.1 custom ROMS (de-oranged r8 and stock Orange ROM) but still no service. To prove this point I unlocked first installed Jellyfish on another handset and it works fine? Again, any solution. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello all, Installed Japanese Jellyfish RLS7 2.2 Froyo and now have 'no service'. Stupidly I forgot to unlock the device first before installing this particular ROM which I believe is a requirement. Even Orange SIM's display no service. Any solution to this or do I have myself an expensive paperweight? Thanks in advance rayners
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