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  1. Okay, so it turns out that I can drag and drop - as long as WMP11 hasn't been loaded yet in the session! If it has, as soon as I try to copy anything to the SD card, the whole contence of the SD card just dissappears. This doesn't happen if WMP11 hasn't been loaded. Then it works just fine! I'm using ActiveSync 4.5 on XP SP2 (fully patched). I havn't considered the Winamp ActiveSync plugin - wasn't aware to this. But will this allow me to transfer DRM protected music? At the moment, the whole drag and drop stratagy seems to work for musics purchased from some places (like MSN music store), but not others (like HMV digital) even though they both claim to use the WMP DRM!
  2. I tried doing this, but I was told that I didn't have the required permission by TeraTermPro. Does anybody have any advice on how to this?
  3. Sorry I was talking about WMP11 on my PC not on my C550
  4. No, still exactly the same ... I upgraded to WMP11 and now i can't even drag and drop files in explorer onto the storage card! Anyone got any idea how to fix this?
  5. I've just replaced my old and ver knackered C550 with another one the bought off ebay. It turns out that this was a demonstation model. As such it has a pre-release version of the ROM on it ( Any ideas where I can get the version that my old C550 came with ( I think)?
  6. Back when I first got my C550 I excitedly installed windows media player 10, only to find that not only could I not use it to sync with my phone, but that i could no longer drag 'n' drop things onto the storage card .... I took me days to roll back the damage. Now I was wondering what would happen if I installed WMP11. Anybody know, would I have the same problems?
  7. I've had my SPV C550 for ages. Its got very knackered - the fasica has fallen off, the jokstick gave out a while a go and now the keys are going. So I bought a new one off Ebay. But the new one won't recognise any mini-SD cards. It all looks a bit dodgy. The new one isn't orange branded and when you turn it on, it gives all the ROM versions and says - TEST ONLY. Hmmm... One reason I thought for SD reader not working is that the OP rom version is when on my old one its 1) Do you think this is likley to be the problem and 2) Is there anyway to get the newer ROM. Cheers, Ian
  8. Remeber that msmetadata is a hidden folder and in SmartExplorer you'll need to go to view and then Show hidden files/fold. Other than that this works a treat.
  9. Does anybody know of an SSH application for the Smartphone? I'm sure I've seen one in the past, but I can't find it now.
  10. You need to be carful with this. I just upgraded my old SPV to a C550 'cause they said it was free and would come with the 512MB card. When I got it home ... no card. So I went back into complain, but they said that the 512MB came with "the other" package which I didn't qualify for.
  11. Okay, found it now ... Got from Monolithix.org who seem to have a copy of the download, rather than just a link :lol:
  12. Hey, Does anybody know where I can get PocketMVP from. When I try and go to the angelfire site listed in this thread I get a message saying the site has been removed. Any Ideas?
  13. Hi, I've just got my self a nice 128mb SD card so that I can listern to lots of music on my SPV. Unfortunatly the performace in crap. The sound keeps breaking up, I assume this is becasue the phoen is doing somting else and there isn't enough CPU to decode the music as well. I've tried shutting down as many processes as I can, but that doesn't seem to help. Most of the music is in wma, but i've heard that mp3 performs better on the SPV. Is this true? Does anybody know of any other way to imporve the performance.
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