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  1. Mug UK

    New JB firmware out

    deadhp1's one is available here: http://www.armtvtech.com/armtvtechforum/viewforum.php?f=13 Bob's Finless one is available here: http://www.FreakTab.com/showthread.php?t=1779
  2. Mug UK

    Just got my MK808

    Look for the Null keyboard app as that will let you switch off the constantly appearing on-screen keyboard. Also, as a similar sufferer of the WiFi problems, there's two updated replacement firmwares out there you can use which are based on the updated firmware released a few days ago.
  3. Mug UK

    New JB firmware out

    deadhp1 & Bob (Finless) have both released their versions of the newest Jelly Bean-based firmware available. Fixes include the WiFi problem, better desktop resolution and support for USB network & sound cards.
  4. Mug UK

    WiFi is mostly slooooooooooow

    Solution found - so long as I don't want to use my phone! Put the S2 next to the MK808 and use the WiFi hotspot on my S2. Speed is between 50->65Mbps.
  5. Finally got it all working today after purchasing a power supply in a local shop in Warrington (no idea why I didn't think of going there in the first place .. ho hum). All working sweet .. except for the WiFi. When it first connects, I get (on average) 30MBps for a few minutes .. then it nosedives to 5Mbps and just sits there and nothing will download. My S2 is connected to the same WiFi and happily goes at a constant 52Mbps. The only way I've found to boost the connection is to disconnect and reconnect the WiFi. Get the better speed for a few minutes then wait for it to die again. Repeat and rinse ... :( I'm running the JellyBean firmware c/o ArmTvTech's forum.
  6. Mug UK

    Ordered mine last Friday (28th)

    Ordered one elsewhere. a) USA plug B) not enough oomph as it's only got 1A - needs 2A if you want to switch WiFi on!
  7. Mug UK

    Saw the desktop .. once

    Colleague found these on ePrey. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=120965279354 Sainsbury's (my local branch) only sold the 1A type. So, as I'm at Play Expo all this weekend, l've ordered the above for next week. Then I can start adding the spare 1.5TB drive, USB powered hub and gamepad to it :P
  8. Mug UK

    Saw the desktop .. once

    If Sainsbury's doesn't have one tomorrow morning, I'll buy a decent 2A one from Amazon.
  9. Mug UK

    Saw the desktop .. once

    Turns out (according to replies on another forum) that the bog standard PSU that comes with the MK808 doesn't have enough power in it as it only delivers 1A when 2A is the better option.
  10. Mug UK

    Saw the desktop .. once

    Hmmm .. day 2. I've upgraded the firmware and it was working long enough (with the phone charger plug) to allow me to input my WiFi password and that's it. It's gone back to booting up, showing the Google TV logo,then the Android logo and then a black screen. Is it my TV that's causing the problem? It's a Sony 40" with 4 x HDMI ports. I've tried it in 2 of the four (the other two are my PC and my Xbox 360 - no problems with either of them). Unfortunately, I don't have any other devices with a HDMI port on them to test it out :( Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Mug UK

    Saw the desktop .. once

    Connected it, bunged in a spare 16GB card and inserted my freshly bought wireless keyboard and mouse dongle (got to love Asda!). But after seeing and using the desktop (I powered it up using a USB phone charger (*)) and I'm assuming that I've clicked on something something (whilst trying to get the language changed to English) and now it just boots up, Google TV logo appears, Android logo appears briefly and then all I get is a black screen. Power cycing causes the same thing over and over. The blue light comes on but no joy other than the above displays. Have I borked it somehow? Or will it, using their official power supply + adapter, bring it back to life? (*) I've not got a USA plug -> UK plug adapter handy, so I used a phone charger. In hindsight, it might not have had enough juice? So I've plugged in a Belkin USA plug -> USB device .. same result in that it powers up but then all I get on my 40" TV is a black screen.
  12. Mug UK

    Ordered mine last Friday (28th)

    Turned up today. Looking forward to playing around with it tonight.
  13. Mug UK

    Ordered mine last Friday (28th)

    According to my tracking number it's currently somewhere - I don't know exactly because the website that shows me the tracking details is not loading .. probably being run off a broken Raspberry Pi! :)
  14. Mug UK

    Ordered mine last Friday (28th)

    That's a useful start (rooting it) but I'm sure I read somewhere that certain ones are already rooted. Getting powered USB hub & keyboard via eBay UK.
  15. Mug UK

    Ordered mine last Friday (28th)

    7 days is the usual time based on previous items ordered. Email is at home so can't give you exact info.

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