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  1. Click Start, Progams, Office mobile then take your pick Adam
  2. blewer

    Sync in Bootloader?

    Nothing???? OK hard reset it is
  3. blewer

    Sync in Bootloader?

    UPDATE!!! Ok so switched on phone and left to load up for a while - plugged in to pc. PC connects but as storage device as this was the last action performed. I cannot select anything on the phone so can't select sync via activesync Anyone know of a way to force activesync to come alive without having to press anything on the handset itself??
  4. Hi Guys and Girls, My HD seems to be playing up - I installed virtual Moblie sync software all seemed fine for a while. The other day I soft reset my phone and on reboot it asked me for my Virtual Mobile login which I couldn't remember I pulled the battery and every time I turn on now it loads up as normal but shows me a black screen with device locked in the title bar. There is a cursor flashing in the middle of the screen but no text input is possible. Can't press any buttons or get any menus - but people seem to be able to phone me. After the call phone freezes on the caller ID page What I really need is to be able to sync with active sync in the bootloader before hard resetting Any suggestions??
  5. Anyone got a copy of the hotfix - link seems to be dead now
  6. Good tip Kaaeed. This is what I will do after my next hard reset B)
  7. Come on guys! There must be a few games / apps that show off the HD screen. Or maybe a few g-sensor games??
  8. blewer

    iPhone 3G versus Touch HD

    Have you tried GSen?? It allows most packages to rotate, word, excell, tomtom etc
  9. blewer

    Introducing... the HTC Touch HD

    Ha Mono - both of us were saying in a previous topic that we would go for an X1 as our next device. I must say the HD is a great device - I'm glad I changed my mind
  10. blewer

    Introducing... the HTC Touch HD

    No sat nav software shipped with handset but TomTom 6 seems to work fine along with igo 8. I have read that some people have had issues with TT6 so I guess some versions work and some don't. EDIT: I forgot to add - igo doesn't use the full screen but TT does
  11. Thought I would add my deal. Touch HD £149.99 but credit £150 straight back to my account ;-) £25 per month for 600 mins and unlimited texts Tried to get a data deal but all I was offered was 25mb per month free. Still not a bad deal to get a free HD Happy days
  12. Don't think this is the case. Lots of omnia users GPS are working fine?? What apps have you tried using GPS with?

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