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  1. Hey Christian I'm still on a 4.3 custom ROM & was thinking about going stock 4.4 with Xposed as I feel I spend too much time following/flashing new ROM's. What is it that make you want to move away from your existing setup? Cheers, Paul
  2. Thanks for the reply Paul. So just to confirm, I should be able to enable the media volume slider in the settings of this ROM & it'll then be available via the Quick Settings pull down? Cheers, Paul
  3. All good on r7 & franco.Kernel - r47, many thanks Paul :) Does r7 include the same Enhanced Quick Settings as in Jr15? I've added a volume tile & have tried enabling it to display media volume slider without any success. kevdliu's description of his app suggests to me that it should work in this fashion. Are the Quick Settings in this ROM not the same or have I not configured something correctly? Any help appreciated :D Cheers, Paul
  4. Hey all Can I ask if Flash is working for everyone with the stock browser? All I'm getting is a green arrow in a window & when I click on it the browser crashes. I've cleared the application data & also tried several other browser's, all of which behave the same except for Firefox. I've noticed it on several sites but the most recent is on the DVDWORLDUSA home page. Cheers, Paul
  5. Full wipe fixed it, navigation buttons now up the side again :-) Cheers, Paul
  6. Hi Steford No, mines not the same as yours. In landscape mode I have the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen but it's empty of any buttons, I have to turn to portrait to retrieve them. I might have to do a full wipe :-( Do you have a link for Jr5? Cheers, Paul
  7. Hello all I'm using the pre-bake version of Paul's ROM & have only just noticed that in landscape mode I have no navigation buttons, either on the bottom or up the side, is this normal? The screen-shot at the start of this thread show them up the right hand side of the screen, is this option only available in the kitchen version? I only noticed this while looking at screen-shots of Swiftkey keyboard in the market. As they opened in landscape mode only & filled the screen I couldn't close the window, move back or go home as I didn't have access to the navigation buttons! I had to reboot. Cheers, Paul
  8. Thanks Pully Did you initially download the app to a device that was 4.5 inches or under to get the apk? Cheers, Paul
  9. Hi all Does anyone have the BBC Olympics app working with this ROM? I'm getting a "Your device isn't compatible with this version" message, not sure why. Cheers, Paul
  10. Paden


    Hi all Received a black Luvtab case from Amazon today, really impressed much better than I was expecting for the price. Cheers, Paul
  11. Hi all Is the nexus 7 secure enough for internet banking out of the box or are additional security apps advisable? Cheers, Paul
  12. Many thanks targetbsp, appreciate your generosity of time & knowledge! A big thankyou to you asm19, I found targetbsp's post a little daunting! Cheers, Paul
  13. Hey targetbsp If you could post that link it'd be appreciated. Cheers, Paul
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