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  1. Hi, im not really sure what to do. I want to flash my Samsung Galaxy S2 to 2.3.4 or a custom 2.3.4 Rom, as I want to improve my phone please. I have already looked around and find it a bit confusing what to read and how to get the best out of my phone. I have done it with my San Francisco before so I have a good idea, but as said don't know what's best. I also want to backup everything before I do anything, so would be great if I knew how, as I have forgot. Thanks.
  2. I really like my Samsung Galaxy S2, but battery has still been an issue. I don't know what it could be, but does it have anything to do with the apps, because when I have finished using the phone I kill all apps with Advanced task killer, and then an hour later after being on stand by, there is baout 10-15 apps running again, and I haven't even touched anything. Is it to do with the phone, is it faulty or somat? By the way my phone isn't flashed. Thanks.
  3. Thank you very much that answered every question I needed, very grateful for your answer :). Sorry to be annoying with all the posts before relating to the same topic, I was just too concerned. I am also happy with answers from everyone else B) Just doing a full cycle now, just charging it back up to full charge, from a full charge to a full discharge :D
  4. I am sorry, I am just too concerned. I am grateful for your answers :)
  5. Was only concerned no need to be a D*ck about it.
  6. Should I charge my phone to 100%, then discharge until empty, then after that charge whenever I want? Please need quick answers thanks.
  7. I got a replacement for my Samsung Galaxy S2 at Carphone Warehouse, and the women said to charge it for 8 hours even if it gets to 100%. Is this correct, because this time round I want to make sure I get the best battery possible out of this phone, please help. Thanks.
  8. So do I take off at 100% or do I leave it charging to gain the extra 5-10% that has been lost?
  9. After a full charge to 100%, I don't use it as I charge it at night and leave it to the morning. In the morning the battery has gone down by 5%, and nothing on my phone is running, and screen brightness is 30%, why does it go down quick and how to prevent this?
  10. joshjw

    Battery Issue

    Should I charge it until it gets to 100% or not?
  11. Hi just wondering why my lock screen lags out for a split second. I press the unlock button and it shows the home page before the lock screen comes up as I said for a split second, it doesn't always does this but does most of the time. Does this just happen to me or anyone else, is this meant to happen or not? I am running the packaged software that already came with it, which has the lock screen of a page which you slide away. Thanks.
  12. joshjw

    Battery Issue

    It says PDA:I9100WKE7
  13. Hi, I have got a new Samsung Galaxy S2 today, and after a full charge and light usage, it is on up time of 2 hour 30 mins, and from 100%, only 65% remains, I have been using it with light usage, such as navigating menus, going on internet for a few mins, all applications I have killed using adavanced task killer, at this rate it will be dead in 6 hours, that doesn't seem right to me. I have turned wi-fi off, wi-fi sharing off, 3g isn't on and screen is 25% brightness. What should I do?
  14. joshjw

    Ask a daft question!

    Regarding the error message what would I have to do if I have to wipe it, would I have to wipe the ROM then reinstall again or is it just something else I need to wipe without needing to do anything to the ROM. Thanks :lol:
  15. joshjw

    Ask a daft question!

    Need help. Just flashed JJ9 to my phone and everything seems fine, but I checked my contacts and they are no longer there. It worked on Paul's Modaco custom R7 Rom and they were all there. All of them are saved to my giffgaff simcard, how do I get them back. Also I installed these addons for the JJ9: (Addon to enable hardware accellerated UI) MD5 - This one I installed but not sure if it works (doesn't seem like it), how do I find out if it is? And these addons below I installed, but once I did I now get this warning meassage everytime I boot my phone up if I switch it off, and the message comes up twice. ("The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Why am I getting this message and how can I stop it. Japanese_Jellyfish_RLS9_circle_battery.zip (Addon to enable circle battery indicator) MD5: Japanese_Jellyfish_RLS8_blueish_kbd.zip (Addon to change orange to blue on G-bread kbd) Japanese_Jellyfish_RLS9_smartdialer_addon.zip (Restore Smart Dialer and RLS7 version of Contacts) MD5: Japanese_Jellyfish_RLS9_group_contacts.zip (Restore RLS8 cersion of Contacts and ContactsProvider) Sorry for all the questions but I will be grateful for the help, Thanks. :lol:

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