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  1. Please note that class 10 might be way worse than class 4, see eg. this and all the links there, especially this.. It's more about the quality of the card than the "speed" class.
  2. In addition to what elrond_bs said above me, please provide recovery.log AFTER failing to upgrade (In CWM > Advanced > report error and it's copied to your /sdcard/clockworkmod/).
  3. Bluetooth Low Energy would require new hardware, so sadly Blade doesn't support BT LE.
  4. How does this affect backups? I mean if I made a backup with CWM v6.0.2.7, can I run the 10 JULY 14 version with the new recovery or does CWM require downgrading as well? Someone already asked this a few pages back, but never got any good answers. I'm interested too.. Why does a TLS-enabled ROM require the recovery to be compiled with TLS too?
  5. What do you mean "download APN Portugal"? I searched around for MMS and I noticed people are suggesting upgrading baseband for other phones.. I wonder if that would help with my Blade. Mine's a gen1 so I guess there should be newer ones, but I still need to figure out if it's safe to upgrade it.. EDIT: Ah, there's an app called APN Portugal.. Anyway, my settings are correct, because I can send MMS when the wifi is connected, but nothing else works if I'm not lucky when I manually connect the APN.
  6. In case anyone else needs this, I created a "G1-G2 v10" TPT image with 210MB /system and 244MB /data partition. It's based on these TPT images by Amphoras and contains a newer CWM with sideloading by KonstaT. Thanks to Amphoras and KonstaT for their work. tpt-blade-G1-G2-v10-210SYS-CWM6027.zip Download: http://d-h.st/7yV md5sum: 59800E96644E54FE165971F0DC902918
  7. This problem seems to be gone with the 8.6. version, many thanks! I think the same bug probably affected the missing lockscreen as I haven't experienced that one either.. Tested with Keep and Hangouts and I haven't had a single problem related to this.
  8. If it's any help, I finally had time to connect my BLade to my pc when the phone won't wake the screen when waking up from sleep. The screen just stays black, but the buttons are lit until it sleeps again. Here's the logcat: I/PowerManagerService( 466): Waking up from sleep... W/BroadcastQueue( 466): Timeout of broadcast BroadcastRecord{4269a328 u-1 android.intent.action.TIME_TICK} - [email protected], started 10001ms ago W/Binder (26097): Binder call failed. W/Binder (26097): android.os.DeadObjectException W/Binder (26097): at android.os.BinderProxy.transact(Native Method) W/Binder (26097): at android.content.IIntentReceiver$Stub$Proxy.performReceive(IIntentReceiver.java:124) W/Binder (26097): at android.app.ActivityThread$ApplicationThread.scheduleRegisteredReceiver(ActivityThread.java:826) W/Binder (26097): at android.app.ApplicationThreadNative.onTransact(ApplicationThreadNative.java:394) W/Binder (26097): at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:404) W/Binder (26097): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.run(Native Method) W/BroadcastQueue( 466): Receiver during timeout: BroadcastFilter{4235f430 u0 ReceiverList{4235f3d0 3000 com.android.systemui/10000/u0 remote:421c0800}} E/JavaBinder(26097): *** Uncaught remote exception! (Exceptions are not yet supported across processes.) E/JavaBinder(26097): java.lang.RuntimeException: android.os.DeadObjectException E/JavaBinder(26097): at android.os.Parcel.writeException(Parcel.java:1366) E/JavaBinder(26097): at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:410) E/JavaBinder(26097): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.run(Native Method) E/JavaBinder(26097): Caused by: android.os.DeadObjectException E/JavaBinder(26097): at android.os.BinderProxy.transact(Native Method) E/JavaBinder(26097): at android.content.IIntentReceiver$Stub$Proxy.performReceive(IIntentReceiver.java:124) E/JavaBinder(26097): at android.app.ActivityThread$ApplicationThread.scheduleRegisteredReceiver(ActivityThread.java:826) E/JavaBinder(26097): at android.app.ApplicationThreadNative.onTransact(ApplicationThreadNative.java:394) E/JavaBinder(26097): at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:404) E/JavaBinder(26097): ... 1 more D/SurfaceFlinger( 150): Screen acquired, type=0 flinger=0xf450 D/SurfaceFlinger( 150): Screen released, type=0 flinger=0xf450 I/PowerManagerService( 466): Going to sleep due to screen timeout...
  9. It works fine as long as your operator allows you to reach the MMS server over the Internet or your "normal" 3G connection (not neccessarily from Internet). If MMS requires a separate APN, the automatic APN switching (between 3G internet and MMS) won't work 99% of time and requires manual switching. It's common to have a separate APN here in Finland, but I believe at least in the USA the operators usually configure their systems so that MMS server can be reached over the "normal" 3G APN.
  10. Can you try Google Keep? The "new"-ish version seems to cause missing lockscreen way too often if you leave it (or a note) open when the phone sleeps. It seems Google's apps are the common denominator.. I wonder what makes them different from others.
  11. The correct MD5 seems to be 1e80306822cb0482fc8ad424aebad51d. Testing soon, thanks!
  12. Do you have Hangouts installed? If not, can you try installing it? I hadn't experienced the missing lockscreen before I installed Hangouts. After that, it became a frequent thing.
  13. Bought some Kontakt 90, sprayed it a little to the power button and it's working very well! I never got the menu button to wake up the phone, but I used this. The downside is that it'll eat a lot more battery as the phone won't deep sleep.
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