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  1. CM7.2 is perfect for me, extremely fast and smooth, everything working, only problem is the mic volume is low in apps like sound recording, voice recognition and shazam. CM 7.2 is faster than CM9 (on my Liquid E), with CM9 i have to wait like 4 seconds to start phone app, that's unacceptable for a phone...
  2. Have The same problem as someone else, microphone volume is very low And it's difficult TO use apps like voice recording or shazam! Please help in cm9 And liquidnext it works well that can't be so difficult!
  3. Noticed a little typo in sdman log lines "thepato LN-TEAM" xD
  4. Upgraded to 1.9.1 without wiping anything and got no network... even after some reboots. Wireless network setting is grayed out, seems like it's not getting the SIM card. I'll try to reflash and, if still broken, to wipe.
  5. Liquid E Liquidnext 1.7.2, Cpu 921mhz interactive Nenamark1 : 19,9 SmartBench2011 : productivity 926, gaming 792 Linpack single thread : 33.11 MFLOPS Neocore: 31.2 fps
  6. Ok so I did this: downloaded 1.7.2 update opened the update zip in winrar replaced all files in system/lib with same files from 1.7 replaced /system/etc/media_profiles.xml with same file from 1.7 replaced /system/app/camera.apk with same file from 1.7 then moved the new update file in sd root if you're lazy to do this use the updated file I'll link below from now on adb remount adb shell rm -f /system/lib/libOm* then reboot in recovery and flash the modded update worked for me The other zip I linked was a different one cause in 1.7.2 suxsem did a wi-fi update script, i tried to remove that but actually didn't worked... so here's the file I flashed and working. If rom don't start after 5 minutes remove battery and try again. liquidnext 1.7.2 rollback
  7. It was fixed with stock camera app but is broken again from 1.7.2 with metal camera, try to flash the zip I posted before to get the stock camera and codecs back.
  8. flash this and you should be ok. hope it works, I did it manually. download
  9. I rolled back to stock camera and old codecs, now youtube is all right and camcorder working very good.
  10. Softkeys dead again after waking phone to check a mail. Had to reboot.
  11. This thing happened to me too after the softkey sensitivity thing was added. The ghost touches came back, randomly ad always, before it never happened with This rom.
  12. I'm using this one, it's very nice and does what you're asking. Similar to go contacts http://www.appbrain.com/app/touchpal-diale...tek.smartdialer
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