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  1. ztebladeuser

    Can I recover my phone?

    Plug in a micro hdmi to hdmi cable to a TV and update via OTA. It's the same problem as I was having. I couldn't receive calls either.
  2. ztebladeuser

    [Q] How to root xolo latest version?

    That's the only way to recover it after flashing screen tho? Could he flash orange ics then root?
  3. ztebladeuser

    WIFI Not working. Stuck on "Turing WIFI On"

    Can you go back to orange rom now you've flashed with xolo?
  4. Did u miss the adb install apk line? This would only work if wifi was enabled before too. Easier with Hdmi cable
  5. ztebladeuser

    Orange Monte Carlo available next week

    now on orange.co.uk ! http://shop.orange.co.uk/mobile-phones/orange-monte-carlo
  6. Just updated to n72 and the screen is stuck on landscape.
  7. it wont let me install gapps in the first post, it says signature verification failed. what am i doing wrong?
  8. how come n63 and n64 dont have gapps included then? (sorry haven't read whole thread)
  9. 3g/hsdpa data randomly stops working on 4b and 5, reboot fixes it but it's annoying.
  10. its probably me being dumb, but i cant set up my contacts, theres no option for gmail, only exchange? also i cant delete the android help dude on the desktop edit: oh i get it, need to install google apps.
  11. I can't get angry birds to run smooth on this rom. Can i try disabling hardware acceleration?
  12. Do i have to do anything/enable anything once the hardware ui is installed via clockwork? or is that it? seems to make angry birds lag if anything?
  13. guys what am i doing wrong, i installed the overclocking ahb and now i cant get any signal? did i install it correctly? i installed it from clock work, chose the zip? signal was working fine before!
  14. Works great for me, just need a better keyboard now:)

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