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  1. we were told n39 was it for gen1. if n40 is for gen2, you'll brick it. I presumed it is for gen2 but still wait for someone to clarify this as maybe the bot sneaked one last one in....lol
  2. Jacob has also posted a new thread with his gen2 zip. http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...ghtly-for-gen2/ Note that he says nightlies are likely to be 'very broken', so patience may be in order. Anyone joining the thread, without having read previous pages - DO NOT USE Nightly 40 onwards, unless you have upgraded to Gen2. You will ahve a phone only suitable for extending your house.... With that in mind, should this thread now be closed and a clean Gen2 CM7 started and a warning put on first page, please? (sorry to go on, but most of us didn't want, or like the aggressive over-reactions, when the decision to go Gen2 only was made).
  3. Hey guys. With respect, can you let the battery argument go now, please. Good points, not to mention feelings have been made clear, all round. This is now clogging up the thread and we'll need another one soon...Go via the proper channels and I'm sure we'll all be happy..... Back on thread, N35 working nicely for me. Realplayer works great too, for anyone after a mediaplayer recommendation.
  4. sorry, forgot to add in last post. not working for me. i don't like it tho. it annoys the hell out of me when the screen dims and brightens as you are using it..... mvideoplayer works well for me in its own right but if i play tvcatchup through it, am getting freezes and have to pull the battery. any settings that i can change to solve this anyone pls?
  5. it seems pretty standard for me. bit of drainage but not big drops. that's for me tho....blades seem to be somewhat like dogs - they are quite individualistic and tend to take after their owners. lol.
  6. yes-the wifi issue is ongoing-you have to turn it off as you do to stop it draining the battery. can report this is as per in n34. n34 is running as per rc4 for me. on the whole, rather nice!. have had a freeze but fine after reboot. gps navigation and maps work great for me. accuracy is 9 metres.
  7. yes, install latest. also, are you flashing rom and then gapps, at the same time (as opposed to rebooting twice, seperately)?
  8. I had terrible time with n33. my phone went all over the place. wiped, clean install twice. had market fc/crashes. screen freezes. battery all over the place. phone turning itself off etc. start up was strange: google apps started up about 3 steps in (didn't work first time-and using latest gapps). very strange. went back to rc4 and all fine again......installed normally and running nicely. I did like that duck though! the market has been a bit odd. the phone seems to be downloading gapps but when you check in launcher, they are not there. then, going back into market and trying to download again ....they do download and are on the phone that second time.
  9. Another troll cage been rattled here. FFS! You'll be asking the devs for compensation next. It is your attitude that sucks. Show a little respect and gratitude for people who are giving you something for absolutely nothing. You post as if they owe you something. What's the incentive for them to improve things if you post arrogant, boring drivel? Go away and enjoy Froyo....and stay there. If you don't like it, just walk away. Second thoughts, run please: Your posts are a waste of time.
  10. ....only when they behave like an ungrateful ar*seho*e. which that certain poster has done.
  11. depends what you're running on it, but i can easily get 2 days with 'standard' usage-a few calls, texting, web surfing etc. standby seems to be on a par with the 2.2s that i've used. complete standby/sleep would last several days.
  12. if it doesn't download from the market, via your phone, try sending it to the phone via the market on the web, if you are able to login/have web access etc. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.g...e=search_result
  13. forgot to add -really don't know why, or if indeed, this made a difference, but it seemed to: whenever i left the 3g data connection enabled, whilst setting up wifi, the wifi never seemed to work correctly. so, disabled 3g connection option after flash and only then set up wifi. haven't had problems since. (both 3g and wifi subsequently work fine when enabled)
  14. did you try re-flashing? i had the same, then worked ok after re-flash.
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