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  1. I flashed battery percentage immediately after flashing rom, couse I was inpatient. :) Now everything is ok, after reinstaling rom, and flashig percentage after reboot.
  2. I flashed this zip for center clock after flashing rom, but I have no statusbar at all.
  3. I've install rom yesterday and problem persists. Gapps I have are dated 20130301. Should I try with older ones?
  4. I have problem with google sync. I've installed gapps for JB, but when enter gmail and pass, there is only Callendar in sync options and shows sync error.
  5. Then choose Import/export> import from sim card
  6. Open contacts> pick settings> Contacts to display> then pick sim contacts Thats all. :)
  7. Not booting after flashed V3 over V2. Log have 4-5 lines saying: No such file or directory..
  8. I tried the last one (3.3.31) and it is a nice rom, but it just need some UI speed improvements.
  9. Downloading..1 hour left... :) server is slow, but I can wait.
  10. After updated to R5 from R3 (without wipe), my soft buttons dont glow anymore. They are working and glow during boot. What can couse this?
  11. Flash this and you will be able to wake up the phone with volume rocker. Volume rocker Wake Up ICS
  12. Mee too. I wiped everything before flashing and there's no this option.
  13. atomicr

    19/May - Stock ROM downloads

    dload is a folder that contain one file 'UPDATA.APP' In this thread you can find links for T-mobile, Movistar and Yoigo stock roms. You have to download one of them and unzip it. Put 'dload' folder onto your SD card, turn of the phone and pres vol-up key + red phone key + power up in order to flash new rom.

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