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  1. nbkappa

    Smart Ultra 6 - ROM 6.0.1. with ROOT

    hello i have VDF-995NB02-RO10d stock --- and i need root for unlock (counter 0). as per 6.0.1 nothing available, is there any chance to downgrade to 5.1.1 ? thanks
  2. nbkappa

    S500 Signal Problem

    kinda complicated with warranty... someone said may be a software problem after unlocking, boot area could be affected. any ideea how to reflash boot area ? thanks
  3. nbkappa

    Can someone explain Romanian to me?

    how can i flash boot area to S500 ? thanks
  4. nbkappa

    S500 Signal Problem

    tried different settings on network, but no result. someone said it is a boot area fault/problem, and it can be done. any ideea ? thanks
  5. nbkappa

    S500 Signal Problem

    update : tried factory reset, wipe data from Recovery, no signal reflashed the phone with Acer_DLTool_V3.006 + BIN_Acer_AV051_S500_RV10RC04_EMEA_ORGROD, no signal , no matter the sim card inside, nor the phone was locked or unlocked (this time entered the code to unlock it). downgraded to 4.0.4 with : SDs_Acer_S500_AV043.RV00RC00_AV043.RV20RC01_EMEA_ORGROD, no signal , no matter the sim card inside, nor the phone was locked or unlocked (this time entered the code to unlock it) tried to flash it with WW_GEN, but bootloader is locked and phone is CPU "1" (checked with fastboot) a friend of mine said that after unlocking, some security area may be damaged (like EFS on Samsung) any ideea ? thanks
  6. nbkappa

    S500 Signal Problem

    hello i have Acer S500 locked on Orange RO, Android 4.1.2, and tried to unlock it with the free tool from the forum connected the phone to PC, got correct cod, but after i inserted a sim card from another carrier, no signal at all on Settings > About Phone > Status > Signal strength : 2147483647 dBm 255 asu imei is ok also serial is ok any ideea what went wrong ? thanks
  7. nbkappa

    Acer CloudMobile S500 Screen/Parts

    hello unfortunately i bricked my S500, will sell for parts. phone in mint condition, like new no dents, no sctratches 550 lei ~ 130 EUR anybody interested, send a private message, or replay here with details thanks

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